Wulfsbane is a DARK, Gold Beowulf variant.
Wulfsbane is also available as a reward in the Gold Beowulf Prize Fight for players who score in the Top 1-10% or Rank 1-10 threshold.

Wulfsbane can dish out punishment with the best of them! With a high base Attack stat and a Signature Ability that provides bonus damage, Wulfsbane is one of the most reliable damage-dealing Fighters in the game!


Signature Ability 1
THROWS have a 50% chance to inflict CRIPPLE and HEAL BLOCK for 5/7/10 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Inflict 25/35/50% bonus damage against an enemy that is suffering from a DEBUFF

Tips and Tricks


Wulfsbane is a fairly simple fighter, all one really has to do with him is do the maximum amount of damage they can when his SA1 triggers. This is easy as it’s a 50% chance to trigger on throws, which include Beowulf’s air finisher, one Special Move, and a few of his Block Busters, which are listed below. All of these moves, when equipped of course, flow naturally into Beowulf’s gameplay, so triggering Wulfsbane’s SA1 to deal more Damage with his SA2 should come naturally, and maybe even by accident.


Wulfsbane's Signature Ability grants bonus damage against opponents suffering Debuffs, and his Throws inflict Debuffs 50% of the time! So to maximize Wulfsbane's damage potential, you'll want to equip Moves that throw the opponent. These are all great options:

  • SM - Wulf Shoot
  • BB2 - Lupine Pummel
  • BB3 - Wulfamania
  • BB2 - Airwulf

Key Stats:

  • Attack (Bonus attack is further amplified through his SA2!)
  • Meter Gain (More Meter Gain gives him access to throw blockbusters more often!)


This pallet is based on Grendel, the Gigan warrior Beowulf defeated in a wrestling match.