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Wrestler X is a Light, Silver Beowulf variant.

Wrestler X was one of the six new Silver variants added in version 2.7 of the game, as part of the first Halloween update. Due to that, he cannot be obtained from the Cabinet of Curiosities.


Signature Ability 1
Gain REGEN for 5/7/10 seconds for every 10% HEALTH lost. Each REGEN will only activate once.

Signature Ability 2
While in HYPE MODE, all HITS have a 15/20/25% chance to inflict BLEED for 5 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Wrestler X is an offensive fighter with a Signature Ability that allows him to inflict BLEED while in HYPE MODE. His first Signature Ability provides him REGEN, allowing you to recoup back health from a mistake.
  • Since HYPE MODE only lasts for 10 seconds, it can be difficult to fully make use of Wrestler X's ability. Equip moves such as LUPINE PUMMEL and GEATISH TREPAK that deals multiple hits to increase your chances on inflicting BLEED. The special move AROO READY? and WULF SHOOT is also recommended to give a level of HYPE, allowing you to reach HYPE MODE faster and activate it more often.
  • Wrestler X may be used defensively by making use of his first Signature Ability to stall for time. However, this is easily countered by CURSE, HEX and BLEED.
    • It is important to note that his REGEN only activates once. This means that theoretically he can only gain a maximum of 10 REGENS, each activated every subsequent 10% mark.
    • For example, when Wrestler X's health gets reduced below 90%, it will activate one stack of REGEN. When his health gets reduced below 90% for the second time, it will not activate the REGEN. Only when his health gets reduced below 80% will it activate the second stack of REGEN.
  • Marquee Ability: DEFENDING CHAMPION is the recommended Marquee Ability as Wrestler X's healing will keep him above the opponent's health most of the time, giving the Marquee more value.
  • Stat Investment: As with any other offensive fighter, Wrestler X will benefit from investment in ATK and Piercing for maximum damage output. Meter Gain is also useful to charge blockbuster meter faster while Accuracy can increase the chances to inflict BLEED.