Wrestler X is a Light, Silver Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain REGEN for 5/7/10 seconds for every 10% HEALTH lost.

Signature Ability 2
While in HYPE MODE, all HITS have a 15/20/25% chance to inflict BLEED for 5 seconds.

Tips and Tricks


  • Easy to pick up and find success with. SA1 will be there to soften any mistakes you'll make and the BLEED from SA2 will make him viable even against stronger enemies.


  • Using moves that provides HYPE LEVELS like Aroo Ready? can boost how often you can activate HYPE MODE to apply bleed.
  • Gigan Arm Sweep is also another source of BLEED to stack on with X FACTOR.
  • Avoid using Wrestler X against fighters that benefit from debuffs such as BloodBath and Valentines with ICU.

Key Stats:

  • METER GAIN to charge BLOCKBUSTERS faster
  • HP % to make the most out of his healing
  • BLEED RESISTS is an option since even one stack of BLEED will replace all of Wrestler X's REGEN


This pallete is based on Wolverine, from Marvel.

He was one of six new silvers added to the game in version 2.7, also known as the Halloween update.

Among the version 2.7 fighters, Wrester-X was the first fighter revealed on the offical Twitter page.