Windswept is an Air, Gold Filia variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain a 25/35/50% chance to EVADE all projectiles, avoiding damage and hit reactions.

Signature Ability 2
After EVADING, gain HASTE and ENRAGE for 5/7/10 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Windswept is a fighter with a Signature Ability that takes advantage of Filia's character ability to EVADE and gaining ENRAGE and HASTE from doing so. With the highest ATK stat of all Gold-tier Filias (only tied with Idol Threat), these BUFFS allows her to deal significant damage to opponents and she is best to be used offensively.
    • Windswept's first Signature Ability is defensive in nature but can be useful as a safety net against several projectile special moves that some characters use. However, the 50% chance is a bit risky and may easily backfire as she does not have high defensive stats.
  • The best way to use Windswept is to take advantage of Filia's character ability to EVADE by back-dashing just before being hit by a charge attack. However, this can be difficult to do as the AI sometimes dashes towards you, only to suddenly block.
    • Hence, you have to consider the battle stage to use Windswept effectively. Avoid back-dashing too much as you won't be able to back-dash once you reach your side of the corner. Thus, it is recommended to use blockbusters that can push the opponent back to their side of the stage such as TRICHOBEZOAR and BLOWOUT to give some distance between you and the opponent. This will help in timing the back-dash when the opponent dashes towards you.
  • Marquee Ability: Unlike most other Filias, Windswept has the ATK stat to fully take advantage of LEECH's recovery. While using THE FIRST CUT is a valid option, this will restrict her moveset to use BLEED-inflicting moves. Regardless, both Marquee Abilities can work with Windswept and it depends on preference.
  • Stat Investment: Like any other offensive variant, investing in ATK, Piercing and Meter Gain are important to increase her overall damage output and quickly charge blockbuster usage.


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