Wildcard is a Fire, Silver Peacock variant.


Signature Ability 1
Inflict a random DEBUFF for 3/4/5 seconds when using a SPECIAL MOVE

Signature Ability 2
If the opponent is suffering a DEBUFF when Peacock is defeated, the opponent's HEALTH is reduced by 25/35/50%

Tips and Tricks


Wildcard is a simple fighter to use. Her SA1 simply requires you to use special moves to trigger it, and her SA2 can't be activated by any action from the player. Other than that, Wildcard plays just like any other Peacock variant.


  • Use projectile based Special Moves, such as George's Day Out, Boxcar George, and BANG! BANG! BANG!
  • Give Wildcard the Marquee Ability Special Feature. This ability will let you use your special moves more frequently than usual, allowing you to potentially put more debuffs onto your opponent.

Key Stats

  • Attack % is important for getting the most damage out of your projectile spamming.


This variant is a reference to Joker from Batman series.

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