Weekend Warrior is a Light, Gold Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain IMMUNITY and HASTE for 5/7/10 seconds, and remove all DEBUFFS when activating HYPE

Signature Ability 2
When activating HYPE MODE, gain FINAL STAND for 10/12/15 seconds, preventing death for the duration of the effect

Tips and Tricks


  • Weekend Warrior is a pretty straight forward fighter that revolves around Beowulf's HYPE MODE. Timing when to use it is the main skill you should be focusing on while using him and how to build it back up fast.


  • Going into HYPE MODE when you're in a sticky situation and get you out of it easily and with the added bonus of HYPE and IMMUNITY you'll gain meter faster and prevent DEBUFFS for the next few seconds.
  • FINAL STAND can save you from an otherwise lethal hit so it's best to save it when you find yourself in a BB3. Note that for BB3, with some exceptions, will only kill you on the very last hit so waiting just before that moment will give you the most time after it end.
  • Moves such as Wulf Shoot and Aroo Ready? can give you 1 level of HYPE if they are able to be used effectively. Making it easier to build to HYPE MODE rather than grabbing and doing juggle finishers.

Key Stats:

  • BLOCK PROFICIENCY would be an option here so that you won't get chipped out while blocking when you have it as 100%. Even allowing you to chain LAST CALL together without the fear of dying if you play perfectly.
  • METER GAIN is nice as some moves will also benefit from the HYPE MODE you'll be finding yourself in most of the time.
  • HP % to give WW the most of time while in the field and with the added help of supports can make his presence unwelcoming.


This pallet is based on the former WWE star Ultimate Warrior and was provided by Indiegogo backers.