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Hi all, I thought I'd make this blog to explain the reasons on why I restructured the Tips & Tricks section for every fighter. I'll be going through each of the different sections that were previously used as a template and write down the reasons on why they were removed/changed. There are three main things that I wanted to emphasize with the changes: READABILITY (does it look nice to read?), CONCISENESS (can things be summed up in a paragraph or two?) and VALUE (is this information important for this specific variant or is this general knowledge that applies to any variant of the same character?). I understand that this may be subjective point and I am open to any kind of discussion if needed.


I completely removed this section because on 95% of fighter pages, the paragraph that is written in this section is in the lines of "X variant plays just like any other Y character" or "X variant is not complex and is very simple to use". I honestly don't think statements like this provides that much value so I decided to change it into Role.

In every fighter's tip page, I start off with a brief description on what their Signature Ability does and what these mean in terms of their role, whether they are an offensive/defensive/supportive fighter or a combination of any of these three. I think this should give a basic idea to readers (especially beginners) on how these fighters can be used and whether they are worth the investment.


This is the main bulk of the tips page but I decided to combine it with Role for readability. Having too much sections doesn't look nice, especially when there's only one or two points in a section. Strategy is where I kept most of what other users have suggested, in terms of how to use these characters, what they're good at, recommendation on moves, etc. There are points that I decided to remove, notably if the strategy revolves around how to use Y character instead of X variant. I think any generic combo that can be used by all variants of a character should be placed in another page, unless they bring some kind of special value to this specific variant. This is a bit of a personal preference of mine and I will be happy for any kind of discussion. 


I completely removed this section since I think you could easily sum up everything you want to say in one paragraph or point. In every fighter's tip page, I made sure that there are tips and recommendation on what stats to invest in. The general guideline that I used are: offensive variant will benefit from ATK, Piercing and maybe Crit Rate (depending on whether they are needed for Signature Abilities); defensive variant will benefit from HP and Defense. And every kind of variant will like Meter Gain. There are some fighters where I recommend other stats like Block Proficiency, Accuracy or Resistance and I made sure to explain my choices on why. Feel free to suggest other stats if you think they are important, although I strongly believe that HP, ATK, Defense, Piercing and Meter Gain are top tier stats.

Also, this doesn't have its own section but I made sure that every fighter's tip page has a recommended Marquee Ability explained. There were a lot of copy-pasting for the Marquee Ability tips though as the reasons to use a specific Marquee over the other is usually the same throughout all variants. Not sure whether it's better to put it in the character page instead?


I removed this section from most fighter pages because most of what I read in this section were too general or can easily be summed up in one or two paragraphs which don't need a whole section dedicated to them. Also, some fighters are purely defensive and have very little reason to be used offensively (vice versa). I decided that whatever is written here can still fall under Role & Strategy.

There also some pages where users wrote down every single defensive fighter and how this particular variant matches up against each of them. I think a list like this is completely unnecessary and as the game grows, there will be more and more fighters added so it doesn't make sense to continually update a new matchup for every new variant released. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see Mummy Dearest's page.

To compensate, I usually write a paragraph or two saying something like "This variant is good against fighters that rely on BUFFS such as X, Y and Z" so that the general message still gets across but the page isn't cluttered by mentioning every single variant.

There are, however, some defenders where I did add a PLAYING AGAINST section about how to face them, simply because I think they are not beginner-friendly and may need extra details on what to look out for and how to defeat them. How much detail depends on how likely this variant is faced by newer players. Generally, if there are more than two or three points to say on how to counter the variant, then it would be put in its own section. But there's no hard rule, feel free to add more details and put it in its own section if you think they need to be.