Untouchable is a Water, Gold Peacock variant. Untouchable is also available as a Prize Fight reward for getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the Cutting Room Floor gold Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
5/10/15% chance on getting HIT to avoid all damage (also applies while blocking)

Signature Ability 2
Also gain UNFLINCHING for 4/5/6 seconds

Tips and Tricks


Untouchable is quite easy to use, and can act as a crutch while you're learning the game; her SA allows her to make the best out of getting hit, and retaliate when you would normally be stuck in a combo.


  • You can get UNFLINCHING through block, which will allow you to start your combo.
  • Be weary of Blockbusters and Throws, as unflinching will not stop them.
  • She will get the most use on Defense as the UNFLINCHING can make comboing difficult and the chance to avoid damage makes characters that rely on large bursts of damage possibly lose a big chunk.
  • Unblockable tag MA makes her even stronger on defense, as when this activates they are hard to avoid.

Key Stats

  • Defense and HP allow her to activate her SA as often as possible.
  • Meter Gain and Attack allow her to get the most out of unflinching activations.
  • Bleed Resist is a nice filler stat, but not important.

Strong Against

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Weak Against

Untouchable is countered by characters that can prevent, remove and/or steal BUFFS, as well as characters that can use PRECISION and/or inflict HEX, such as: