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Understudy is a Water, Bronze Cerebella variant. Her gameplay focuses on performing grabs and throws to make the most of her Throw Down SA.


Signature Ability 1
Gain a 15/30/50% bonus to THROW damage

Signature Ability 2
Gain ARMOR for 10/12/15 seconds when THROWING an opponent

Tips and Tricks


  • Understudy is easy to use since she utilizes plenty of throws and command grabs to gain advantages.


  • Since her SA procs everytime Understudy successfully performs a throw or grab, equipping Special Moves and Blockbusters such as Pummel Horse, Merry Go Rilla, and Diamond Drop allows her to consistently gain stacks of ARMOR.
  • Ending ground combos with a throw could be more ideal than performing a launcher and juggle, since the former grants a stack of ARMOR.
  • Beware of the enemy performing throw breaks when performing a normal throw. This denies you of the ARMOR stack and may leave you open for a counterattack.

Key Stats

  • Taking Attack and Meter Gain will allow you to deal burst damage more often with your command grab Blockbusters.
  • Taking Health and Defense will make you all the tankier when combined with Understudy's consistent ARMOR stack gain.

Strong Against

  • As understudy has buffed throw damage from her SA, and all Cerebellas can equip battle butt, she's useful against Armed Forces and Untouchable, being able to command grab through unflinching.

Weak Against

CURSE and ARMOR BREAK are good ways of preventing and overriding Understudy's armor, allowing for an easier time against her. Move disablers also work, since she will need command grabs to gain ARMOR. Variants able to do that include:

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