Underdog is a Dark, Bronze Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ARMOR for 10/12/15 seconds when inflicted with a DEBUFF

Signature Ability 2
Gain HASTE for 10/12/15 seconds when inflicted with a DEBUFF

Tips and Tricks


  • Very easy to pick up and use on any team.
  • Little to no player actions are needed to activate UnderDog's Signature Abilities.


  • Shines in environments at inflicts debuffs onto himself to activate "On The Ropes" as much as possible to grant Armor.
  • By gaining both Haste and Armor when a debuff is applied to UnderDog, this essentially makes him immune to Armor Break and Slow, as they cancel out each other.
  • Even though UnderDog won’t be effected by Armor Break or Slow because of his Signature Ability, Armor Break will bring your Armor stacks back to one.
  • Best used on Defense teams since he can tank damage but has no added benefits to help him dish it out.
  • ”Challenger“ is the recommended Marquee Abilities as he will be tanking damage and finding himself with lower health often.

Key Stats:

  • Defense is the most desirable to get the most out of his Armor stacks as this will make him very hard to deal damage to.
  • Any Resistance stats (Armor Break, Bleed, Stun, etc) is to be avoid because you want get those debuffs to gain Armor stacks. If the debuff is never applied, "On The Ropes" will not active.