Underdog is a Dark, Bronze Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ARMOR for 10/12/15 seconds when inflicted with a DEBUFF.

Signature Ability 2
Gain HASTE for 10/12/15 seconds when inflicted with a DEBUFF.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Underdog is a defensive fighter with a Signature Ability that grants him two BUFFS when inflicted with a DEBUFF: ARMOR increases his defenses, allowing him to last longer in the fight while HASTE will charge his blockbusters quicker when hit, allowing him to punish opponents with a Tier 3 blockbuster.
    • This essentially makes him immune to ARMOR BREAK and SLOW, as they cancel out each other.
  • Marquee Ability: CHALLENGER is the recommended Marquee Ability as he will be tanking damage and finding himself with lower health often.
  • Stat Investment: As with any other defensive fighters, HP and Defense are very important to increase his longevity in a fight. Meter Gain can be helpful to further charge blockbusters faster, although HASTE may be enough.
    • Resistance should generally be avoided as Underdog would like to get DEBUFFS to activate his ability. However, this makes him vulnerable to CURSE and HEX which will prevent him from getting ARMOR and HASTE.

Rift Battles

  • Underdog can be used offensively to counter nodes with the Ms. Fortune-specific catalyst, Scratching Post, as every SLOW that is inflicted while blocking is immediately converted to HASTE due to his Signature Ability.
  • As a Bronze variant, Underdog has low base stats that reduces his viability as a defender. However, his DARK element allows him to be paired with the Darknut catalyst to stall for time so that the Beowulf-specific catalyst, Do or Die, can provide all Beowulf permanent IMMUNITY and HASTE after 30 seconds have passed.

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