Triple Threat is a Light, Silver Annie variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain permanent IMMUNITY, UNFLINCHING or INVINCIBLE for 9/12/15 seconds when activating STAR POWER. The permanent BUFF is removed when exiting STAR POWER.

Signature Ability 2
33% chance when using a SPECIAL MOVE to reset all BUFF timers and gain 20/25/30% STAR POWER meter.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Triple Threat is a fighter with a Signature Ability that grants her one of three permanent BUFFS when activating STAR POWER. These BUFFS are inherently defensive but given the unpredictability of the AI in activating STAR POWER, it is best to be used on the offense. These BUFFS can also be reset through the use of special moves through her secondary Signature Ability. With careful usage of her abilities, Triple Threat could potentially sustain her BUFFS long enough to be completely INVINCIBLE throughout the fight.
    • Players can easily switch between BUFFS by quickly activating and deactivating STAR POWER until the wanted BUFF is gained.
  • INVINCIBLE and IMMUNITY are the two most useful BUFFS as it renders her immune to damage and DEBUFFS that can be inflicted through modifiers or catalysts. Furthermore, it is useful to remember that INVINCIBLE is a very rare BUFF whereas IMMUNITY can be gained through support fighters such as Surgeon General and Sketchy.
    • The timers of the BUFFS gained from support fighters can also be reset through her secondary Signature Ability, allowing Triple Threat a longer duration of IMMUNITY, HEAVY REGEN or HASTE. Triple Threat can also gain ENRAGE and UNFLINCHING through RE-ENTRY and NORTH KNUCKLE respectively.
  • Marquee Ability: Triple Threat is best to be used offensively as players will have greater control on when to activate her Signature Ability. Hence, when used offensively RED SHIFT is the recommended Marquee Ability to further increase her damage output easily through subsequent uses of blockbusters and special moves.
  • Stat Investment: When used offensively, Triple Threat will benefit from investment in ATK and Piercing to further increase her damage output. Meter Gain is also a useful stat to invest in to quickly charge her blockbusters which can be used as part of combo chains. Accuracy is another stat that is worth investing for Triple Threat to increase the chance for her secondary Signature Ability to reset timer of her BUFFS.



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