Tomb & Gloom is a Dark, Silver Eliza variant.

Tomb & Gloom was one of the six new Silver variants added in version 2.7 of the game, as part of the first Halloween update. Due to that, she cannot be obtained from the Cabinet of Curiosities.


Signature Ability 1
Inflict WITHER, CURSE, HEALBLOCK, HEX, or DEATHMARK for 5/7/10 seconds when using a BLOCKBUSTER.

Signature Ability 2
Also gain 1 stack of EVASION for 5/7/10 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Tomb & Gloom is an offensive utility fighter with a Signature Ability that allows her to inflict one out of five powerful DEBUFFS to the opponent when using a blockbuster. At the same time, she also gains EVASION, allowing her to intercept the opponent without fear of getting punished.
  • Each of the five DEBUFFS that Tomb & Gloom are powerful in their own right. However, there is RNG involved in determining which DEBUFF can be inflicted which may be a hindrance depending on the opponent, especially since she has a very low base ATK stat. Hence, it is best to equip multiple blockbusters, especially those that can trigger Sekhmet, and use them consecutively in order to increase the chances of landing the DEBUFF that is needed.
  • Marquee Ability: Either Marquee Ability will work for Tomb & Gloom. RITUAL SACRIFICE can be used offensively to provide an easy access to blockbusters by sacrificing a weak fighter. Meanwhile, BLOOD OATH can be useful as a safety-net to recover back health by sacrificing a weak fighter.
  • Stat Investment: As an offensive variant, Tomb & Gloom will greatly benefit from investment in ATK and Piercing to increase her overall damage output and make up for her relatively low ATK stat. However, Meter Gain is of particular importance as she depends on blockbuster usage and will greatly appreciate the quicker charge and accessibility to these blockbusters.


  • This variant is a reference to Raven from the Teen Titans series by DC Comics with its caption being a direct reference to Raven's spell chant.
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