Tomb & Gloom is a Dark, Silver Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Inflict WITHER, CURSE, HEALBLOCK, HEX, or DEATHMARK for 5/7/10 seconds when using a BLOCKBUSTER.

Signature Ability 2
15/20/25% chance to EVADE BLOCKBUSTER HITS while the opponent is suffering a DEBUFF.

Tips and Tricks


Tomb and Gloom requires some intuition and timing to play well. If you accurately predict an incoming Blockbuster, using one of your own will give you some change to spare yourself from damage. Her first Signature Ability passes on one of five debuffs when using a Blockbuster. All are useful in their own right, but Curse and Heal Block are a bit more situational, and Wither works directly against your own second Signature Ability. Your second Signature Ability is fairly luck dependent, and can allow you to shave a bit of damage off of your opponent's Blockbusters while the opponent is suffering a debuff. The combination of her second Signature Ability and her low attack stat makes her more suited for a defensive role.

Like all Elizas, her strength lies in not letting the AI play the game. It's best to equip 4 BBs and UPPER KHAT to stun lock/intercepting dash with FURY or a well-timed L5. Your SA1 is useful for turning them into braindead training dummies, but you shouldn't rely on it as Eliza's many hits will often negate any WITHER effect you RNG in and often times the debuffs don't last long enough to delete Valentine's ICU. Your SA2 is a safety net that has many holes in it, which will sometimes save you from an unsafe play as multi-hit BBs (like ARGUS AGONY) or causing command grab BBs to miss. Choose a god and pray when you play Tomb.


  • Working with a teammate who can extend the length of debuffs like Sundae School or inflict permanent or durationless debuffs like Bad Hair Day with her First Cut Marquee Ability or Purrfect Dark with her Signature Ability can give you a longer window to work with for your second Signature Ability, which can help you stay alive. The best MA you can give her is Blood Oath, because, in the optimal build, meter gain will already be taken care of.

Key Stats:

  • Tomb's reliance on Blockbusters to spread debuffs makes Meter Gain an easy first choice. Her subpar attack and easier placement on a defense team means that Defense and Health are good options as well.


This variant is a reference to Raven from Teen Titans series.