Sundae School is a Water, Bronze Double variant.


Signature Ability 1
When any teammate inflicts a DEBUFF (excluding STUN), increase its duration by 1/2/3 seconds (s)

Signature Ability 2
When any teammate suffers a DEBUFF (excluding STUN), reduce its duration by 1/2/3 second(s)

Tips and Tricks


  • Sundae School is a simple Double Variant to use since she has no special strategies to play around in-game, other than using certain fighters in the same team.
  • Her Signature Ability takes effect by simply being part of a team.


  • Sundae School supports the team with her Signature Ability that reduces allies' debuff timers and increases enemy debuff timers. She is best suited in a team with fighters that apply deadly debuffs to the enemy team by extending them by 3 seconds (which is longer than it first seems).

Some examples are Bad Hair Day Filia with her BLEED, Primed Parasoul with her BLEED, and even extends the duration of Sundae School's own CHAOS Marquee Ability.

Key Stats:

  • As a support fighter, Health and Defense are vital to ensure she survives when forced into battle by an enemy outtake.
  • When forced to fight, Attack and Meter Gain help Sundae School defeat enemy fighters easier.
  • If you decide to run CHAOS Marquee Ability, then having a high Critical Rate is a must.