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The Store is a place where the player can buy Relics, Keys, Skill Points, Canopy Coins, Elemental Shards and Theonite through microtransactions. Unlike the Cabinet of Curiosities, the Store only accepts Real-World Currency and Theonite.

As of the 4.3 update, new additions were included in the store, namely Booster Packs and Fighter Special Moves/Blockbuster packs, both of which can be purchased with Theonite.

Values based on currencies of the real world are based upon the United States Dollar (US$).

Special Offers[]

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Special Offers are limited packages available for the player to buy through microtransactions. They normally have discounts that range from 50% up to 75%. The packages include Fighter Relics, Elemental Shards, Skill Points, and Keys.

Bundle Description Contents Price
Hyper Fighter Variety Pack # Get 11 Fighter Relics for every fighter - Including ANNIE (one


10+1 Fighter Relic of each


10.000 Theonite
Ultimate Fighter Variety Pack # Get EIGHT Fighter Relics for each fighter (Including Annie)! 8x Fighter Relic of each


Fighter Variety Pack Plus # Get THREE Fighter Relics for each fighter (Including Annie)! 3x Fighter Relic of each


Fighter Variety Pack # Get ONE Fighter Relic for each fighter (Including Annie)! 1x Fighter Relic of each


Fighter* Upgrade


Everything you need to Upgrade your

Gold Fighter*.

3x Gold Keys

250x Fighter Skill Points

350,000 Canopy Coins

Egret Recruit Pack Everything a growing Egret needs! 2x Premiere Relics

1x Bronze Key

75 Theonite

Egret Elite Pack Nothing but the best for the best of the best. 10+1x Premiere Relics

1x Silver Key

500 Theonite

200,000 Canopy Coins.

Daily Element** Fighter Pack Get <Element> Fighters and Elemental Shards 3x Elemental Relics

50x Elemental Shards

750 Theonite
Fighter* Moves Pack An assortment of GOLD Fighter* Special Moves and Blockbusters! 10x Gold Special Moves

10x Gold Blockbusters

500 Theonite
Double XP Boost (4h) Double your XP gain for 4 hours 1x 4h XP Boost 150 Theonite
Double XP Boost (12h) Double your XP gain for 12 hours 1x 12h XP Boost 300 Theonite

*Fighters: Annie, Beowulf, Big Band, Cerebella, Eliza, Filia, Fukua, Ms Fortune, Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, Robo-Fortune, Squigly and Valentine.

**Elements: Dark, Light, Water, Fire, Air.

Offers with a # denotes a limited-time offer and may not be available at all times in the store.


The Store is where you can buy more Theonite or exchange them into Canopy Coins.

Canopy Coins Cost (Theonite)
16,000 40
48,000 + 12,000 120
112,000 + 96,000 280
256,000 + 384,000 640
640,000 + 1,200,000 1,600
Theonite Cost (US$)
250 4.99 US$
500 + 25 9.99 US$
1,000 + 110 19.99 US$
2,500 + 650 49.99 US$
5,000 + 2,200 99.99 US$