The Store is a place where the player can buy Relics, Keys, Skill Points, Canopy Coins, Elemental Shards and Theonite through microtransactions. Unlike the Cabinet of Curiosities, the Store only accepts Real-World Currency and Theonite.

Special Offers

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Special Offers are limited packages available for the player to buy through microtransactions. They normally have discounts that range from 50% up to 75%. The packages include Fighter Relics, Elemental Shards, Skill Points, and Keys.

Bundle Description Contents Price(US$)
Fighter* Upgrade


Everything you need to Upgrade your

Gold Fighter*.

3x Gold Keys

250x Fighter Skill Points

350,000 Canopy Coins

Weekly Element** Fighter Pack Get <Element> Fighters, Elemental Shards and an Elemental Essence. 12x Elemental Relics

1x Element Essence

Daily Element** Fighter Pack Get <Element> Fighters and Elemental Shards 2x Elemental Relics

20x Elemental Shards


*Fighters: Beowulf, Big Band, Cerebella, Eliza, Filia, Ms Fortune, Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, Squigly and Valentine.

**Elements: Dark, Light, Water, Fire, Air.


The Store is where you can buy more Theonite or exchange them into Canopy Coins.

Canopy Coins Cost (Theonite)
16,000 40
48,000 + 12,000 120
112,000 + 96,000 280
256,000 + 384,000 640
640,000 + 1,200,000 1,600
Theonite Cost (US$)
250 4.99 US$
500 + 25 9.99 US$
1,000 + 110 19.99 US$
2,500 + 650 49.99 US$
5,000 + 2,200 99.99 US$
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