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Stage Fright is a Dark, Bronze Squigly variant.


Signature Ability 1
While facing Squigly, the opponent is afflicted with CURSE and HEX for 10/12/15 seconds when dropping below 25% HEALTH

Signature Ability 2
Inflict a 30/25/20 second DOOM when defeated with a BLOCKBUSTER

Tips and Tricks


Stage Fright is quite straightforward to play as you do not need to pay attention to your SA abilities, since they will proc naturally during the fight. Note that she is one of very few characters that can inflict HEX (others being Rainbow Blight and Red Velvet). To trigger the Hexing effect, you must plunder down the enemy down to a quarter of their hitpoints, then use the remaining time to finish them off while their Signatures are disabled.


  • Fairly simple to use, play offensively with her and deal as much damage as possible to trigger her first SA. The point is to focus mostly on her first SA, the second one is handy to bring down stronger foes, but for that to happen you must be defeated with a blockbuster. So, if you want to proc the second SA, bench up her and avoid getting your TAG INS blocked. When the enemy has a blockbuster loaded and is about to use it, switch in to Squigly so she can take the punishment and DOOM the enemy.
  • She is one of the fighters who can be attained very early in the game, so investing a bit on Stage Fright doesn't hurt, also it can be used as a main fighter while you don't get a gold/diamond variant.
  • If you have plans on using the Second SA as well, consider bringing a character with the ability to ressurect fallen allies, such as Valentines with the Forbidden Procedure.

Key Stats

  • First focus in her SA abilities, the Wyrm Tail will also help you on the long run as it's one of the main strenghts of Squigly variants.
  • Invest some ATK% points into her to maximize her damage potential.
  • Then invest some HP% and DEF points to increase her survivability.
  • It's adviced to pick up moves/blockbusters that can inflict CURSE, so the enemy will be unable to avoid the DOOM and HEX effects.
  • For the Marquee Ability, either works well with Stage Fright. It is up to personal preference.

Strong Against

Weak Against