Playing Squigly is all about finding openings. Rather than relying on her base stats, players will have to use her Character Ability and Signature Abilities to take advantage of the opponent's openings and be precise with their timing in order to excel as Squigly.

Squigly has high base Health, making her one of the hardest characters to finish off. However, she also has a relatively low Attack further reinforcing her finding-openings playstyle.

Her SAs rely on effects that are very potent if activated in the right moments. Lastly, the majority of these moments of opportunity will be cued by the state of certain HUD elements, so players will have to remain attentive to details they might otherwise take for granted (e.g. Combo Count, Red Life, meter state, modifier expiration, etc.).


Character Ability

Holding down the WYRM'S TAIL button will store up to 2 DRAGON CHARGES. DRAGON CHARGES are consumed to make certain attacks more powerful!

Marquee Ability: FRIGHT NIGHT

While enemies are nearby Squigly's dead body, teammates' HITS inflict CURSE and WITHER for 5/15 seconds
While teammates are nearby Squigly's dead body, suffering a HIT will grant them FINAL STAND for 5/15 seconds


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Stage Fright
Stage Fright
Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff


Nearly Departed
Nearly Departed
Dead Heat
Dead Heat


Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter


Love Crafted
Love Crafted

Special Moves

Icon Name Description
Ashes to Ashes
ASHES TO ASHES 25% chance on HIT to inflict WITHER for 5 seconds
Basso Buffo
BASSO BUFFO Forces enemy to TAG OUT on HIT, removing all COMBAT EFFECTS
Squigly Burst
BURST On HIT, inflict CURSE for 10 seconds
Center Stage
CENTER STAGE Centers the stage on Squigly
Drag n Bite
DRAG 'N' BITE 20% chance on HIT to remove all BUFFS from the opponent
Draugen Punch
DRAUGEN PUNCH On HIT, inflict CURSE for 10 seconds if used while CHARGED
Snake Charmer
SNAKE CHARMER TAUNT your opponent to gain IMMUNITY for 15 seconds
The Silver Chord
THE SILVER CHORD 50% chance on HIT to TRANSFER 1 BUFF from the opponent to yourself


Icon Name Gear Points Description
Battle Opera
Level 1 Blockbuster
25% chance on HIT to inflict WITHER for 10 seconds
Daisy Pusher
Level 1 Blockbuster
Deals 50% bonus damage to opponents who are below 25% HEALTH
Drag n Drop
Level 2 Blockbuster
On HIT inflict ARMOR BREAK for 10 seconds
Inferno of Leviathan
Level 2 Blockbuster
25% chance on HIT to inflict WITHER and HEAL BLOCK for 10 seconds
Rage of the Dragon
Level 3 Blockbuster (UNBLOCKABLE)
Inflicts CURSE for 10 seconds
Deals 50% bonus damage if used when below 10% HEALTH

Dragon Charge

  • Moves that consume Dragon Charges
Move Controls Added Effect
Arpeggio Hold screen with one finger, then release (Charge Attack) One additional hit, can break through Big Band's 'Don't Stop The Beat' armor
Liver Mortis Swipe Right Twice (Strong Dash Attack) Deals 50% more damage
Tremello Swipe Down (Trip Attack) Now hits 6 times maximum (instead of 2-3) and follows the opponent along the ground
Center Stage Special Move Centers camera on Squigly longer, affected opponents are put into hitstun
Drag N' Bite Special Move Hits 7 times maximum (instead of 4) and puts your opponent into a longer hitstun
Draugen Punch Special Move Deals two additional hits and renders Squigly Invincible for the first two hits
Silver Chord Special Move Projectile now travels the full length of the screen and causes the opponent to stagger longer (Note that opponents can only be staggered once per combo)
  • Also note that Squigly's full ground combo has more hits when she has at least one Dragon Charge, though this does not consume any charges.


(G5 means Full Ground combo. Moves with a [D] next to them require the use of Dragon Charges to continue the combo)

  • G5>Launcher>Aerial>Squigly's Battle Opera
  • G5>Launcher>Silver Chord>G5>Launcher>Aerial>Squigly's Battle Opera
  • G5>Drag N' Bite [D]>G5>Launcher>Aerial>Squigly's Battle Opera
  • G5>Drag N' Bite [D] OR Silver Chord>G5>Drag N' Drop> Inferno of Leviathan
  • G5>Drag N' Bite [D] OR Silver Chord>G5>Drag N' Drop> Squigly's Battle Opera
  • G5>Drag N' Bite [D] OR Silver Chord>G5>Launcher>Aerial>Squigly's Battle Opera>Inferno of Leviathan
  • G5>Drag N' Bite [D] OR Silver Chord>G5>Drag N' Drop>Squigly's Battle Opera>Inferno of Leviathan
  • (at corner)G5->Squigly's Battle Opera->G5(do not use dash attack)->Drag N' Bite[D]->G5->Drag N'Bite[D]->G5->Silver Chord->Dash attack->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan
  • G5->Drag N'Bite[D]->G5->Drag N'Bite[D]->G5->Silver Chord->G5->Launcher->Aerial->Squigly's Battle Opera->dash(if you are not at corner)->Inferno of Leviathan
  • (at corner)Grab->G5(3rd hit will lift enemy up)->silver chord->G5->Squigly's Battle Opera->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan
  • (at corner)Grab->G5(3rd hit will lift enemy up)->Squigly's Battle Opera->Inferno of Leviathan
  • G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan->Squigly's Battle Opera
  • G5->Drag N' Drop->Inferno of Leviathan->Silver Chord->G5->Launcher->Aerial->Squigly's Battle Opera.

(I personally haven't experimented much with Draugen Punch. If anyone has any combos using it, or any combos not mentioned here they're willing to share, please put them here or in the comments.)

  • G5->Silver Chord->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan->Draugen Punch->Squigly's Battle Opera
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