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Silent Kill is a Water, Gold Valentine variant. Silent Kill is also available as a Prize Fight reward by getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the gold Casket Match Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
15/20/25% chance on HIT to remove all DEBUFFS from self

Signature Ability 2
15/20/25% chance on HIT to remove all BUFFS from opponent

Tips and Tricks


Silent Kill (SK) is fairly straightforward to play. Her SAs will activate simply by attacking the opponent.


  • Dash Attack > Tap Combo gives a lot of hits and will almost certainly activate her SA
  • Laryngectomy gives a lot of hits and bypasses UNFLINCHING, allowing her to potentially beat UNFLINCHING fighters easily.
  • Her main niche over doublicious is her support/defensive MA and being able to revive with FORBIDDEN PROCEDURE.

Key Stats

  • SK needs Attack to ensure she can deal higher damage, as well as Meter Gain for Blockbuster meter.
  • Defense and HP are nice too, but not necessary.

Strong Against

  • Resonant Evil Big Band. Silent Kill can remove any armor granted by Resonant Evil's SA pretty consistently, which allows her to do meaningful damage to him. A neat bonus is that Silent Kill does not have to worry as much about getting stunned when fighting Resonant Evil.
  • Armed Forces Cerebella. While Silent Kill does have an unfortunate type disadvantage against Armed Forces, she makes up the difference with the ability to remove the buffs Armed Forces gains from Diamond Defense. Laryngectomy is a key move in this matchup for when the Armed Forces has unflinching.
  • Surgeon General/Last Hope support. Silent Kill can easily remove any Stimpak/Urgent Care buff that an opposing Surgeon General/Last Hope applies to one of their teammates.

Weak Against


This variant is a reference to nurses from Silent Hill.