Sheltered is a Fire, Bronze Parasoul variant.


Signature Ability 1
Increases CRIT RATE by 10/15/20% for all teammates

Signature Ability 2
On CRITICAL HIT, gain ENRAGE for 5/6/7 seconds 

Tips and Tricks

Complexity: Simple

Use Sheltered as an all-out attacker who bulldozes enemies with high damage per hit and consistent crits. Building lots of Crit Rate allows for easy SA2 proc, inadvertently allowing for high damage in the process.


  • Try to choose moves and blockbusters that raise Crit Rate, allowing consistent Enrage from SA2
  • Critical Mass is the better choice of Marquee Ability, given 100% crit is already reached
  • Pairing Critical Mass and Napalm Shot/Napalm Shower can bolster damage
  • Napalm Shot > Silent Scope > Canopy Bounce can be an effective combo; remove Canopy Bounce at range

Key Stats:

  • Crit Rate