Scarlet Viper is a Fire, Silver Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Inflict BLEED for 10/12/15 seconds on both fighters when triggering Sekhmet

Signature Ability 2
Gain ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds when suffering a DEBUFF

Tips and Tricks


  • Risky but rewarding as she gets Enrage from any debuff she suffers, even when using her Sekhmet Blockbusters to gain Enrage Stacks much faster.
  • Unlike Bloodbath, she can only cancel all the self inflicted bleeds with taunt.
  • Her bleed lasts longer, but under strict condition of triggering the bleed.
  • At Max Gold Level, she has 64 ATK less than Diva's Max Gold Attack but with all the Enrage stacks allows her to surpass Diva's ATK easily.


  • Using Scarlet Ladies (Eliza's Taunt) after a combo involving many Signature Ability activations is common, as this will remove all of the BLEED stacks on herself while leaving them on the opponent.
  • Remember that she gets Enrage from any debuff except if she was afflicted with Curse or Hex.
  • Keep in mind that Surgeon's Immunity and Heavy Regeneration will activate after 30 seconds and will last for 15 seconds, so trigger Sekhmet as many times as possible to get as many Enrage before receiving Surgeon's support.
  • Depending on which Playstyle you prefer: You can choose Ritual Sacrifice for more constant Bleeds and Enrage, or Blood Oath to get her back to full health (Though the former is a much better choice since she can cancel the bleed with her taunt anyway).

Key Stats:

  • High ATK% for even higher Enraged damage,
  • Meter Gain % for quicker Sekhmet blockbuster activation.
  • Defence% to lower any damage she takes while suffering from bleeding, HP% is optional.