Rusty is a Light, Bronze Painwheel variant.


Signature Ability 1
5/7/10% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Also converts 1/2/3 enemy BUFF(S) to BLEED

Tips and Tricks


Painwheel variants are usually heavily aggressive and Rusty is no exception. Her ability is useful for stacking short-lived Bleed onto the opponent, but more useful for her Buff Conversion. Rusty fares very well against opponents that easily stack buffs, as with a single hit she has a chance to turn three stacks of buffs into three stacks of Bleed, dispelling the buffs and removing 9% of the opponent's HP


  • Rusty's high Atk and low HP leave her as an archetypal Glass Cannon, and on top of her high attack she can get rid of anything that would impede her ability to beat her opponent down, such as Armor stacks. As with most Bleed Stackers, ICU Valentine and Bloodbath Eliza can shut Rusty down, so be careful of them

Key Stats:

  • Attack and Meter Gain boost your damage by large amounts while Defense or HP can patch up Rusty's survivability a bit.