Robocopy is a Water, Silver Big Band variant.


Signature Ability 1
Defeating an opponent grants 2 stacks of ARMOR and ENRAGE for 5/7/10 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Also gain 25/35/50% for all BLOCKBUSTERS

Tips and Tricks

Complexity: Robocopy isn't that much more complicated to use than other Big Band variants, the only difference being that he works best after landing a KO, which can then allow him to potentially secure another kill while buffed.


  • Robocopy works well as a lead, but works better as a switch after another ally has weakened the current opponent. If playing in Prize Fight, if you notice a character on a team for Support purposes that's noticeably weaker than the rest, you may consider running a tag out move to potentially KO the support character and get the ball rolling.

Key Stats:

As Robocopy is focused on getting KOs, increased Attack and Meter Gain will help him shine brightest. In addition, based on the way the damage system works, if you have 50% Defense and gain 2 armor stacks (like you do after KOing an opponent) damage from unboosted attacks is reduced to 0, so focusing on Defense would be a good option as well.


This pallet is based on the character "Robocop" from the series of the same name.