Robo-Fortune is a ranged harasser and zoning character, keeping her opponents away from her while still maintaining her offensive potency. Robo-Fortune has many ranged attacks which allows her to sustain a barrage of projectiles while keeping a safe distance from counterattacks, allowing her to avoid retaliation.

As far as her base stats are concerned, Robo-Fortune is purely a wildcard. Unlike other characters, Robo-Fortune has no true stat paradigm, and all of her stats are determined on a per variant basis. While one Robo-Fortune variant might be as tanky as a Big Band Fighter, another Robo-Fortune variant may be a glass cannon.

Robo-Fortune has a Character Ability that allows her to summon a "HEADRONE" that floats near her until it receives a command. Her Character Ability actions are as follows:

  • HEADRONE LAUNCH - Robo-Fortune will crouch down and spawn a new HEADRONE. A maximum of three HEADRONES can be spawned.
  • SALVO - Command ALL available HEADRONES to launch homing missiles at the opponent. The more HEADRONES that are used in this command, the more powerful the homing capabilities of the missiles!
  • RAM - Command one HEADRONE to launch forward towards the opponent. When it connects with something, it will explode.
  • MINE - Command one HEADRONE to plant itself in the ground to become a proximity bomb. It will stay in the ground for a lengthy period of time before exploding on its own. If an enemy gets near, it will automatically explode.


Robo-Fortune is the creation of Brain Drain, the psychic director of ASG Lab Zero, in the likeness of Nadia Fortune and stands as a testament to her maniacal creator’s unmatched pride and petulance. Built to demonstrate loyalty and cunning, Robo-Fortune fails to deliver either to any measurable degree. Employing cutting-edge technology, she sets out to hunt down the Skullgirl, and to engage in easily avoidable conflicts.

Is the ASG Project’s latest creation the ultimate cybernetic soldier? Have Brain Drain’s mechanical machinations set the world on a treacherous path? Is Robo-Fortune’s faulty programming more of a feature than a bug? Has science gone too far?!


Character Ability

Tap the LAUNCH button to launch HEADDRONES. Use HEADDRONES to ram enemies, set proximity mines, and fire a barrage of missiles!


Inflicts POWER SURGE every 3 seconds when close to the opponent
Gain ENRAGE every 2 seconds when far from the opponent


On mobile devices, tap on the variant text to navigate to their page, not their card.




Blue Bomber
Blue Bomber


Terror Byte
Terror Byte
Blue Screen
Blue Screen
Head Hunter
Head Hunter
Persona Assistant
Persona Assistant



Special Moves

Icon Name Description
Burst B
Burst On HIT, inflict POWER SURGE for 5 seconds.
Connection Sever B
Connection Sever Forces enemy to TAG OUT, removing all COMBAT EFFECTS.
Fidget Spin B
Fidget Spin Has an increased chance to land a CRITICAL HIT.
Phaser Burn B
Phaser Burn 15% chance on HIT to remove 1 opponent BUFF and inflict STUN for 3 seconds.
Really Talks B
Really Talks! TAUNT your opponent to gain BARRIER for 10 seconds.
Rotation Hazard B
Rotation Hazard Each HIT has a 15% chance to TRANSFER 1 DEBUFF to the opponent.
Theonite Beam B
Theonite Beam On HIT, DISABLES TAG-INS, SPECIAL MOVES, or BLOCKBUSTERS for 5 seconds. Inflict ARMOR BREAK for 10 seconds if BLOCKED.
Variable Cutter B
Variable Cutter 50% chance on HIT to inflict STUN for 4 seconds and POWER SURGE for 10 seconds if the opponent is DASHING.


Icon Name Gear Points Description
Catastrophe Cannon Alpha 3 CRITICAL HITS inflict WITHER for 5 seconds.
Assault Battery 4 10% chance on HIT to inflict POWER SURGE for 10 seconds.
Magnetic Trap 5 25% of the damage dealt is regained as HEALTH. Gain BARRIER for 10 seconds on HIT.
Circuit Breaker 6 While in DETONATION MODE, HITS reduce METER from all opponent BLOCKBUSTERS by 5%. Sacrifices 10% of your MAX HEALTH. (Additionally transforms CATASTROPHE CANNON ALPHA into CATASTROPHE CANNON GAMMA)
Catastrophe Cannon Omega 7 2% chance on HIT to REMOVE 1 opponent BUFF and deal an additional 2% HEALTH fro each BUFF removed. Defeated opponents cannot be revived.


Robo-Fortune can play as either a close-quarters fighter (rushdown) or a ranged fighter (projectile) but to achieve her maximum potential you need to commit to either one of these playstyles and tailor your moveset to achieve your intended strategy. Mixing strategies in a single combat is not recommended as Robo-Fortune's special moves and Block Busters (BBs) usually belong to either one of these categories and usually only chain between themselves.


  • G5 means a chain of 5 normal ground attacks. (Usually by tapping 5 times on the screen)
  • Up or Launcher means the normal move that sends your opponent in the air (usually by swiping up)
  • A5 means a chain of 5 normal air attacks. (usually by tapping 5 times after having launched your opponent)
  • Dash means a dash attack (swipe right once or twice)
  • Trip means a trip attack (swipe down once)

General Notes:

  • Catastrophe Cannon Alpha does not combo naturally after your classic G5 or G5-Up-A5 combo as the AI is generally smart enough to block BUT an inexperienced opponent may sometimes do nothing resulting in an imperfect combo.
  • If Robo-Fortune performs her taunt successfully, the number of missiles launched per head drone will increase from 4 to 7.
  • You can press headrone to launch an upwards attack if you are very close but it works only against Beowulf and Big Band.
  • If you land Magnetic Trap while under the effects of Circuit Breaker, it quickly drains the buff, usually leading to detonation right after MT.

Rushdown Playstyle

  • G5 > Trip
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Trip
  • G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > CC Alpha
  • G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > Circuit Breaker > CC Alpha (becomes CC Gamma)
  • G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > Circuit Breaker > Magnetic Trap
  • G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > Assault Battery > Theonite Beam
  • G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > Assault Battery > Circuit Breaker > Magnetic Trap
  • [Requires Headrone] - G5 > Up > Impact
  • G5 > Circuit Breaker > G5 > Up > A5 > Magnetic Trap (ToD in competitive)
  • G5 > Up > Fidget Spin > Trip
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Fidget Spin > Assault Battery > Circuit Breaker > Magnetic Trap
  • [Requires Headrone] - G5 > Impact > G3 > Assault Battery > Circuit Breaker > Magnetic Trap
  • 1Dash > G5 > Up > A5 > Fidget Spin > Theonite Beam/ Phaser Burn/ Trip
    • (Right Corner) G5 > Up > Rotation Hazard > Magnetic Trap > Assault Battery
    • (Right Corner) G5 > Up > A5 > Rotation Hazard > Assault Battery > Magnetic Trap
    • [Requires Headrone] - G5 > Up > Impact > G5
    • (Right Corner) G5 > Up > A5 > Fidget Spin > Assault Battery

Projectile Playstyle

  • G5 > Trip
  • G5 > Phaser Burn
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Trip
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Theonite Beam
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Fidget Spin > Theonite Beam
  • 1Dash > G5 > Up > A5 > Fidget Spin > Theonite Beam/ Phaser Burn/ Trip
  • [Requires Headrone] - Really Talks > Salvo > Grab > Theonite Beam
  • [Requires Headrone] - Really Talks > Salvo > Grab > Fidget Spin > Theonite Beam
  • [Requires Headrone] - Really Talks > Salvo > Grab > CC Alpha
  • [Requires Headrone] - Really Talks > Salvo > Grab > Circuit Breaker > CC Alpha (CC Gamma)
  • SITUATIONAL (When opponent is dashing towards you)
    • Variable Cutter > Theonite Beam


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