Resonant Evil is a Dark, Silver Big Band variant.


Signature Ability 1
Getting HIT has a 10% chance to grant ARMOR for 5/7/10 seconds.

Signature Ability 2
Gain a 5% chance on HIT to STUN opponent for 3/4/5 seconds if you have ARMOR

Tips and Tricks


Resonant Evil is about as complex as any other Big Band to use because his SA does not really shake up how you play the character.

Playing As:

On offense, Resonant Evil is essentially a standard Big Band that gives you more room for errors than any other Big Band variant because if you make a mistake and let the AI opponent hit you, Resonant Evil's SA can potentially tank most of the damage for you with armor stacks and also stun the AI opponent.

Fighting Against:

  • Once Resonant Evil has one stack of ARMOR, the STUN comes into play. As such, it's in your best interest to either remove his ARMOR stacks as soon as possible, or to prevent them from being applied in the first place.
  • Using BLEED will slowly wear down his high HP pool while minimizing your direct hits against him.
    • CURSE can be used to prevent new BUFFS from being applied, such as ARMOR. Squigly's "Charged" version of SM - DRAUGEN PUNCH applies this 100% of the time for example. Ms. Fortune - PURRFECT DARK also applies a durationless CURSE through her SA1.
    • HEX can be used to disable his Signature Ability so that the STUN and ARMOR grant are disabled.
    • Valentine - SILENT KILL can use FOGGY MEMORY to remove the ARMOR.
    • Double - DOUBLICIOUS can STEAL the ARMOR for herself.
    • Numerous characters and Signature Abilities can inflict ARMOR BREAK, which removes all ARMOR.
    • Eliza can use SM - CHAOS BANISH for a 100% guaranteed BUFF removal on the opponent.
    • Peacock, Parasoul, and Squigly all gain IMMUNE after using SM - TAUNT. This IMMUNE will prevent the STUN from being applied when hitting Resonant Evil. This is a great safe early game strategy.
    • Painwheel - RUSTY is a good early game character that can convert his stacks of ARMOR into BLEED to prevent him from activating the STUN.
    • During an AIR JUGGLE, most Characters will ignore STUN completely until the JUGGLE is completely finished. This usually prevents Big Band from landing a full combo on your character before he recovers.

Key Stats:

  • HP% to force your opponent to hit him more times.
  • Defense% to also force your opponent to hit you more times. At 50% defense, Resonant Evil only needs two stacks of armor on him in order to take zero damage from opposing attacks, which makes him that much harder to take down.


This pallet is based on Sturm from the Advanced Wars series.