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Rerun is a Fire, Bronze Peacock variant.


Signature Ability 1
All teammates TAG IN with ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds

Signature Ability 2
COOLDOWN for TAG INS reduced by 25%/35%/50% for all teammates

Tips and Tricks


  • Rerun is an easy fighter to get started with. She is the first fighter that is granted to the player for this reason. Rerun's simple combos and Signature Ability allows her to introduce a new player to the game's concepts.


  • Thanks to her SA being based on tag outs, it can prove effective to build a team based around it with characters such as Icy Hot Valentine, Scrub Valentine, Bassline Big Band, and Sketchy Peacock. Rerun is best kept in reserve while one of your teammates handles the opponent.
  • The ENRAGE her SA gives also improves your tag-in attack and the combos you perform a few seconds afterward.
  • The combination of the bonus tag-in attack damage and reduced cooldown for tag-ins lets Rerun make use of the Cast Part marquee ability more efficiently compared to other Peacock variants.
    • Rerun with Cast Party can be paired with Squigly to perform deadly tag-ins that can be followed up by a combo from Squigly.

Key Stats

  • Attack and Meter Gain helps Rerun deal damage with her combos without relying on her teammates.

Strong Against

Weak Against

  • Any water-type fighter can easily overpower Rerun because of elemental advantage.
  • Her reliance on using combinations of Special Moves and Blockbusters to deal damage makes her weak against the DISABLE SPECIALS and DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS debuffs. Fighters who inflict these debuffs include No Egrets Parasoul and Bad Ms Frosty Filia, who also happen to both be water-type.