Rerun is a Fire, Bronze Peacock variant.


Signature Ability 1
All teammates TAG IN with ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds.

Signature Ability 2
COOLDOWN for TAG INS reduced by 25/35/50% for all teammates.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Rerun is one of the three fighters that players start with, the other being Bassline and Understudy.
  • Rerun is a support fighter with a Signature Ability that grants ENRAGE upon TAG IN, allowing teammates and herself to do 20% more damage. Rerun's second Signature Ability compliments her first by reducing cooldown for TAG INS.
  • For players starting out, it can be effective to build a team based around TAG INS with characters such as Icy Hot, Scrub, Bassline, and Sketchy. All these fighters are Bronze fighters that can easily be obtained.
  • Sketchy is a direct counter to Rerun as her Signature Ability to inflict CURSE upon TAG IN negates Rerun's own Signature Ability to provide ENRAGE.
  • Marquee Ability: As a support fighter, CAST PARTY is the recommended Marquee Ability for Rerun to support teammates with a chance of unblockable TAG INS.
  • Stat Investment: Investment in HP, Defense and Block Proficiency may be useful to let her survive longer in fights while investment in ATK, Piercing and Meter Gain are great to increase her damage output and charge blockbuster faster. However, Rerun has low base ATK and HP as a Bronze and is best to be kept in reserve in the bench.
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