Raw Nerv is a Dark, Gold Painwheel variant. Raw Nerv is also available as a Prize Fight reward for getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the gold No Pain, No Gain Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
Gain permanent ENRAGE and HASTE when your HEALTH drops below 25/35/50%

Signature Ability 2
Inflict permanent DEATH MARK when your HEALTH drops below 15/20/25%.

Tips and Tricks


Raw Nerv's SA isn't something you want to focus on, but is rather something you can fall back on when a mistake is made.


  • Bringing a Valentine with Trauma Center can let her gain her enrage and haste without dying as easily.
  • In general, you want to pack high damage Blockbusters to get the most out of your haste if you can get it through chip damage. While you don't want to rely on it, once your HP is low enough to get it high damage lets you kill faster, which means you're less likely to die of chip.

Key Stats:

  • Attack and Meter gain are fantastic on her
  • Defense, HP, and Block Proficiency actually aren't necessarily recommended if you're confident you can defend well. Taking lots of chip damage lets you get to the Haste threshold easier and safer. However, if you're having trouble defending investing in these stats might let you deal with getting hit better.


This variant is a reference to EVE-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.