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Rage Appropriate is a Water, Silver Painwheel variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain permanent ENRAGE every time an opponent's attack inflicts more than 15/13/10% total HEALTH

Signature Ability 2
Once per match, gain HEAVY REGEN and 2 stacks of ARMOR for 10 seconds when HEALTH drops below 20/35/50%

Tips and Tricks


Easier to use than her sibling, the Blood Drive. Rage Appropriated can be considered a budget Raw Nerv, as both can get permanent ENRAGE stacks, but their second SA is different from one another. All in all, Rage Appropriated is an easy-to-use variant that can be brought in most scenarios.


  • Rage Appropriated plays just like any other Painwheel. This variant can mitigate any possible overwhelm the player may suffer, thanks to her second SA. The first one is very similiar to Raw Nerv, but on Rage Appropriate, it stacks so long you keep taking damage equivalent to 15/10% of your maximum health, and not after falling to 25% HP.
  • Keep in mind that the Second SA triggers only once per combat, so keep an eye out on her Hitpoints.

Key Stats:

  • Unlock the path for her SA abilities first.
  • Invest some points in HP% and DEF% to increase her survivability.
  • After investing a little on HP% you may continue in to research her Signatues, if it hasn't been researched beforehand.
  • Get in ATK% now.
  • For the Marquee, Grudge can allow you to build up Armor Stacks more reliably and allows you to ensure an Enrage buff, if the first SA do not trigger during combat.

Strong Against

Weak Against