Purrfect Dark is a Dark, Silver Ms. Fortune variant.


Signature Ability 1
After 15/12/10 seconds of facing Ms Fortune, the opponent suffers DEATH MARK and CURSE.

Signature Ability 2
HEAD HITS have a 10% chance to instantly defeat enemies if they are suffering from DEATH MARK and are below 25/35/50% HEALTH.

Tips and Tricks


Purrfect Dark is fairly easy to use, but also has a few things that can make her complex. The biggest reason is that her head can instantly defeat the opponent as long as they are under 25-50% health. The goal is to get as many hits as possible with her head.


  • As mentioned previously, getting as many hits with Fortune's head is essential to maximize her SA.
  • Using Blockbusters and Special Moves like Cat Scratch Fever, Hit Paws, Fiber Upper near your head can make the head hit the opponent many times to have a higher chance to instantly defeat your enemy.
  • Head Combos are essential, try learning a few combinations of hits you can do by trapping your opponent in the corner and using your head to punish.
    • Reminder: the SA2 will not work if the head hits them while they are blocking, keep that in mind.
    • Make sure to keep your head protected, since you will have Fortune's head out often.

Key Stats

  • Meter Gain can come in handy, to have head-focused BBs ready, and thus, making her SA2 able to activate and instantly defeat your opponent.
  • Defense or HP can help mitigate damage if you are not good with her Headless combo yet, because if attacks hit both her and her head, she will take additional damage.

Playing As

  • Fighters with large Health pools thanks to her ability to instant kill any fighter and her high damage.
  • Fighters with SA's that rely on Buffs or even invincibilty.

Playing Against

  • While Purrfect Dark has a lot of damage at her disposal she can still be easily defeated with any fighter that has large amounts of damage given her health is so low.
  • Purrfect Dark's permanent DEBUFFS can still be wiped off the opponent if their SA is built to counter DEBUFFS inflicted on them.
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