Prize Fights are a series of rotating events where you fight against defense teams designated by other players. Each offense/defense victory earns you points and various rewards are rewarded for reaching milestones and for overall rankings after the event.

Point Calculation

The points rewarded as a result of a prize fight match is calculated with the following formula.

Score += (Total Fighter Score) * Bounty * Multiplier
  • Total Fighter Score is the sum of all fighter scores (both your and your opponent's fighters).
  • Bounty is the number in the red flame icon, or 1 if there is none. This can be from 1 to 5.
  • Multiplier is
    • your current Streak Multiplier (for offense wins; this can be from 1 to 5).
    • 0 (for offense losses).
    • 0.5 (for defense wins).
    • 0.1 (for defense losses).

Both the offense and defense teams get points from a match. The player on offense gets the points immediately from the "Victory!" or "Defeat!" screen. The player on defense must claim the points by clicking the "Claim!" button, from which up to 10 matches can be stored at a time.

Character Prize Fights

All playable characters, with the exception of Fukua, have their own Character Prize Fights, which focus on them. There are 3 different divisions for each character: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each Character Prize Fight has different fight modifiers, excluding the Bronze division, which always has no modifier.

Milestone rewards include Theonite, Canopy Coins, skill points and move relics. Ranking rewards include tier specific moves, keys and fighters.

Each Character Prize Fight lasts 3 days, with a break on Sunday (MON -> WED, THUR -> SAT).

This is the current Character Prize Fight rotation, in order. Click on their names to see more info on a specific character prize fight.

Name Character Modifier
Two to Tangle Filia LACERATE

10% chance on HIT to inflict HEAVY BLEED for 10 seconds.

Dame of Thrones Parasoul VAMPIRE

50% of damage inflicted is regained as HEALTH.

Rumble Pack Beowulf BERSERKER

50% bonus damage via non-Blockbuster attacks if the opponent's HP is higher.

Cutting Room Floor Peacock PERFECT BLOCK

Take no damage while blocking.

No Pain No Gain Painwheel SUPERCHARGED

Getting HIT grants bonus meter to all BLOCKBUSTERS.

Second to Nun Double FINAL CURSE

Upon DEATH, inflict the opponent with 3 DEBUFFS (excluding STUN) for 10 seconds).

Night's Ghoul Squigly HUNGER PANGS

When an opponent's BUFF expires, gain 5% HEALTH while your opponent loses 15% METER from all BLOCKBUSTERS.

Casket Match Valentine THOUSAND PLAGUES

25% chance on HIT to inflict a random DEBUFF if opponent has any active DEBUFFS.

Blood Sport Eliza JINX

100% bonus damage if opponent has any active DEBUFFS.

Big Ben's Beatdown Big Band COMBOMANCER

5% damage bonus per current combo hit.

High Wire Hijinks Cerebella TODAY'S SPECIAL

SPECIAL MOVE COOLDOWN is reduced by 50%.

Ones and Zeros Robo-Fortune BUBBLE SHIELD

Gain BARRIER for 5 seconds after being KNOCKED DOWN. Reflect 100% of all damage taken while benefitting from BARRIER.

A Head of the Game Ms. Fortune CATATONIA

Gain 5 stacks of PRECISION for every 10% HEALTH lost. Suffer STUN for 6 seconds when defeating an enemy without a CRITICAL HIT.

Elemental Prize Fights

Elemental Prize Fights feature element-specific fight modifiers which only benefit the enemy team. These effects are often incredibly powerful, making Elemental Prize Fights much more difficult than other Prize Fights. Milestones are also much higher than other Prize Fights. There are no tier restrictions.

Milestone rewards include element-specific shards and a total of 2 elemental relics.
Ranking rewards include gold/silver relic shards, one elemental relic, and an elemental essence for the top 10 players.

Each Elemental Prize Fight lasts 2 days, from Saturday to Sunday.

Name Element Modifier
High Tide Water PERMAFROST

[Water Element Fighters]: Gain 1 stack of ARMOR every 2 seconds, but each HIT suffered will remove a stack. When benefitting from ARMOR, hits DISABLE opponent SPECIAL MOVES and BLOCKBUSTERS for 5 seconds.

Ring of Fire Fire FLASH POINT

[Fire Element Fighters]: Gain permanent ENRAGE for every 15% HEALTH lost. 50% chance to inflict STUN for 4 seconds when landing a HIT that deals at least 10% damage.

Eye of the Storm Air GONE WITH THE WIND

[Air Element Fighters]: Regain 25% HEALTH when TAGGING OUT. Whenever the opponent uses a BLOCKBUSTER, all their SPECIAL MOVES will be reset and their BLOCKBUSTERS will have their meter reduced by 100%.

A Shining Example Light EMISSION SPECTRUM

[Light Element Fighters]: Gain a BUFF every 10 seconds and at the start of the match. The BUFF gained lasts for 10 seconds and cycles between IMMUNITY, FINAL STAND, UNFLINCHING, and INVINCIBILITY. 25% chance on HIT to TRANSFER 1 DEBUFF from yourself to the opponent.

A Shot in the Dark Dark NYCTOPHOBIA

[Dark Element Fighters]: Gain HASTE for 5 seconds when HIT. When HASTE expires, inflict a 5 second DOOM. If the opponent lands a HIT, DOOM will be removed.

Medici Prize Fights

Medici Prize Fights are multiple Prize Fights, each with different fight modifiers, duration and schedule. These prize fights generally involve large quantities of Canopy Coins as rewards, and include "Medici" in their names. Rather than awarding ranking rewards by percentile, Medici Prize Fights often only reward the top 100 players.

Milestone rewards include Canopy Coins and move relics. Ranking rewards include even more Canopy Coins. Medici Prize Fights have different duration, ranging from 1-2 days.

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