Princess Pride is a Light, Gold Parasoul variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain REGEN for 5/7/10 seconds when spawning a TEAR

Signature Ability 2
On TEAR DETONATION, immediately recover 2/4/6% HEALTH per active TEAR

Tips and Tricks

Complexity: Moderate

Use Princess Pride as a sustainability-based unit to burn through enemies that you can't muscle through manually. Building HP and Defense allows you to survive any attacks that land, while allowing you to make the most of Princess Pride's SAs.


  • Napalm Shower and Napalm Trigger are essential to using both SAs effectively
  • Air Juggle > Sweep > Napalm Shower is an easy way to get 5 stacks of regen
  • L5 > Napalm Trigger near tears will allow a combo reset and free hits, plus health restoration from SA2
  • Egret Dive can be useful to further strengthen Princess Pride's defenses; use it like Big Band's Noise Cancel for free stuns, or use it to block pesky projectiles
  • Critical Thinking is most likely the better Marquee for Princess Pride, as Crit Damage won't help if you have low Crit Rate; therefore, having Crit Rate to begin with would help in the long run

Key Stats:

  • HP
  • Defense
  • Block Proficiency