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Pea Shooter is an Air, Silver Peacock variant. This variant is used best as a support for other characters.


Signature Ability 1
Projectiles inflict 15/25/35% more damage for all teammates

Signature Ability 2
All projectiles have a 10/15% chance to inflict ARMOR BREAK for 3/6 seconds

Tips and Tricks


Pea Shooter boasts consistently high damage among Peacocks while also functioning as great support for allies like Ultraviolent or certain Parasoul variants. Her chance to inflict Armor Break on hit further boosts her offensive abilities, while making her a (somewhat unreliable) check to opponents like Resonant Evil.


Peacock has a surplus of good projectiles, from Georges Day Out to Bang, Bang, Bang! to Impending Doom and Argus Agony, so running as many as possible, knowing how to hit with them reliably and knowing how they work together will make playing Peashooter a lot more fun. Peashooter also has a few allies she really enjoys working with, most of all herself, since the boost from Vintage Projector stacks (to my knowledge, I'm not entirely sure) allowing her massive damage output. Another ally she really benefits from is Harlequin, as the boosted damage and reduced cooldown to Bang Bang Bang! and all iterations of George allow you to spam them to your heart's content.

Key Stats

Peashooter is an archetypal Glass Cannon, happy to keep opponents at a distance as she harasses them with projectiles. Attack is the stat she wants most, with Meter Gain as a close second. As for other stats to run, Crit Damage will help you get a lot out of Bang Bang Bang!'s increased Crit Rate, and HP/Def will patch up her lackluster defenses.

Strong Against

Slower characters without a lot of great approach options (Eliza or Cerebella, for example) have a hard time getting near enough to deal damage without taking quite a bit themselves. Most characters who don't usually run projectiles or approach-oriented moves like Beowulf or Ms. Fortune can also be kept at a distance, though it's a bit tougher with their faster dash attacks.

Weak Against

Windswept can be a threat to Peashooter as Windswept by default has a chance to avoid projectiles and gain a stack of Enrage and Haste. Characters with fast approaches like Painwheel or moves that can hit from across the screen ( Squigly's Tremolo or Parasoul's Silent Scope, for example) can approach Peashooter safely and fight her up close, which is a range she really doesn't appreciate being at. Fighters with access to Disable Specials or Disable Blockbusters are also a pain.