Parasite Weave is a Fire, Gold Filia variant.


Signature Ability 1
50% chance on CRITICAL HIT to inflict SLOW for 10 seconds and STUN for 2/2.5/3 seconds if the opponent is not already afflicted with SLOW.

Signature Ability 2
10/12/15% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED if opponent is STUNNED

Tips and Tricks


Parasite Weave is a rather interesting fighter. You can choose between making your Crit Rate high and getting consistent STUNs (and by extension, BLEEDs) or keeping it low and getting STUNs more often later in the combo, allowing you to extend combos to last longer. The SLOW helps with meter control too, but if meter is still an issue, you will probably still want Blowout.


  • Get as many hits in as you can while the opponent is stunned. French Twist > Drill Tempered is going to get a lot of consistent BLEEDs on the opponent.
  • When the STUN is nearly over, start the combo again, for even more hits and chances of BLEED.
  • The SLOW will apply even if the STUN is resisted. And if any SLOW is applied to the opponent, you will not get a STUN or more SLOWs until it expires.

Key Stats

  • Crit Rate is important to get the most BLEEDs out of her during STUNs.
  • Most of her damage will come from BLEED, so you can focus on Meter gain and Defense for more consistent combos.
  • Attack is never bad, and will supplement the other three stats well.

Strong Against

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Weak Against