Nunsense is an Air, Bronze Double variant.


Signature Ability 1
When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, gain 1/2/3 random BUFFS for 10 seconds any time the opponent gains a BUFF.

Signature Ability 2
When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict 1/2/3 random DEBUFFS for 10 seconds after suffering any DEBUFF.

Tips and Tricks


When playing Nunsense, keeping Elemental Advantage is critical. Due to the RNG nature of Transmuting, this can be hard to do consistently and even if you can, Nunsense's Signature Ability still relies on your opponent gaining buffs or inflicting debuffs to be of any use.


  • If given the option, most other Doubles are better. If not given the option, practice keeping your distance without Transmuting so that when you're good at that you can keep an element you get once you get it.

Key Stats: