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Nearly Departed is a Light, Silver Squigly variant.


Signature Ability 1
When using a BLOCKBUSTER with an ODD COMBO COUNT, gain INVINCIBILITY for 5/6/8 seconds

Signature Ability 2
If below 50% HEALTH, also RESURRECT teammates with 15/20/25% HEALTH

Tips and Tricks


Nearly Departed's SA1 is sometimes difficult to activate, due to it being somewhat hard to keep track of Squigly's combo count, since she has many multi-hit moves and long chains.


  • The three key things to remember is to use blockbuster at odd combo count, proc invincibility as soon as you can, and proc invincibility after previous invincibility expires.
  • Full ground combo always ends with odd combo count. Therefore, full ground combo(5-7 hits)->blockbuster can proc SA1. This also works if you extend your ground combo with silver cord(1 hit)->dash attack(2 hits).
  • Full ground combo->launcher->Inferno of Leviathan ends at even combo count. To do launcher->Inferno of Leviathan combo while procing the SA1, you must not do the final hit of your ground combo before you do launcher.
  • (at corner & has least 1 dragon charge)Grab->Full Ground combo ends with even combo count. If you are doing grab ground combo while having 1 dargon charge or more, stop your combo just before you are about to make the last hit and use Squigly Battle Opera to proc SA1.
  • (at corner)Arpeggio Seria(empowered version)->Squigly Battle Opera can also proc SA 1.

Optimal Combo

G5=full ground combo; SBO=Squigly Battle Opera; Wyrm’s Tail=that thing you charge your dragon charge; D1=dash attack; [D]=empowered

  • (At corner)D1->G5->SBO->G5->drag n bite[D]->G5->Silver chord->G5->drag n drop
  • (Far from corner)Grab->center stage->SBO->Wyrm’s Tail->silver chord->G5->drag n bite[D]->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan
  • (At corner)D1->G5->Launcher->Draugen Punch->SBO->Wyrm’s Tail->silver chord->G5->drag n bite[D]->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan
  • (At corner & has at least one chrage)grab->G4(stop before hitting the last hit)->SBO->Wyrm’s Tail->silver chord->G5->drag n bite[D]->G5->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan
  • (Near corner)D1->G4->Launcher->Inferno of Leviathan->silver chord->G5->Drag n bite[D]->G5->SBO->G5–>Launcher->Aerial->Tremelo or Ash to Ash

Key Stats

%Health, Meter Gain, %Atk, Defense

Strong Against

Because of her invincibility, Nearly Departed is strong against enemies like Dread Lock, Immoral Fiber, Tainted Blood Marquee Painwheels, Freyed End, Bloodbath, Twisted Mettle.

Weak Against

Nearly Departed is very weak against Hex, Curse, Disable Blockbuster, and Wither because she relies on her SA1.