Ms. Trial is an Air, Silver Ms. Fortune variant.


Signature Ability 1
When HITTING a DASHING opponent, remove 1 of the opponent's BUFFS and gain 3/4/5 stacks of PRECISION.

Signature Ability 2
PRECISION HITS have a 50/75/100% chance to ignore the opponent's DEFENSE and ARMOR.

Tips and Tricks


Ms. Trial is a lot of effort compared to other fortunes. Her precisions rely on the opponent gaining buffs, and you have to combo in order to reliably use her charge attack, taking out the value in using her against UNFLINCHING fighters. Only 3 precisions means she has to rely on specific SMs for most of her damage, which takes out a few combo routes.


  • Playing as:
    • The only advantage Ms. Trial is going to have over Purrfect Dark is her ability to counter defenses on the immunity node of Rift Battles and a little more HP. She will still likely go farther than the bronze fortunes and Feline Lucky off her attack alone, but is not a must have.
    • The primary way to get her charge attack will be dash attack > Launch > charge in order to quickly gain precision.
    • From here, Cat Scratch x2 > Cat Slide will give her the most damage for her precisions outside of BB3, which probably is not worth losing half of your HP for.
  • Playing against:
    • Ms. Trial probably will not activate her SA against you. If she does, she probably will not optimize her three high damage hits well enough outside of BB3. As long as you avoid her charge attack she should be an easy win.

Key Stats

  • Attack and Crit Damage are your big priority in order to maximize her damage.
  • Meter Gain, Defense, and HP are all good to have as well.


This variant is a reference to She-Hulk from Marvel Comix.

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