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Missions can be completed daily for rewards of 5/10/15/20/25 theonite.

Theonite Title Description
5/10/15 SHOWTIME! Win 5/10/20 fights
5/10/15 BRONZED Win 5/10/20 fights with a Bronze Fighter
10/15/20 SILVER BULLET Win 5/10/20 fights with a Silver Fighter
15/20/25 GOLD DIGGER Win 5/10/20 fights with a Gold Fighter
5/10/15 ELEMENTAL ASYLUM Win 3/5/10 fights using a team with 3 Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Dark characters
5/10/15 PLANETEER Win 3/5/10 fights using a team with 3 different Elements
5/10/15 SPOTLIGHT Win 3/5/10 fights with Annie/Beowulf/Big Band/Cerebella/Double/Eliza/Filia/Ms Fortune/Painwheel/Parasoul/Peacock/Squigly/Valentine
5/10/15 THE MAIN EVENT Win 3/5/10 fights in Prize Fight Mode
5/10/15 BOOKWORM Win 3/5/10 fights in Story Mode
5/10/15 DAILIES Win 3/5/10 fights in Event Mode
10 KING OF THE RING Win 1 fight in Versus Mode
15/20/25 LONGSHOT Win 1 fight VS a team 2/3/4x your team's score