Megasonic is a Dark, Gold Big Band variant. He can only be acquired via the Shrouded Relic.


Signature Ability 1
When blocking a HIT, reduce damage taken by 25/50/75% and gain ENRAGE for 5 seconds. One ENRAGE stack is removed on the next successful HIT

Signature Ability 2
While benefitting from ENRAGE, 25/50/75% of the damage dealt is regained as HEALTH

Tips and Tricks


While not inherently difficult to use, he plays differently than other Big Bands: you want to do as much damage in as few hits as possible. he is quite safe thanks to his naturally high Block Proficiency, but he still has low HP for a Big Band. As long as you are good at blocking and punishing, you'll get pretty good damage out of him.


  • Playing as:
    • Examples of good moves to have are Beat Extend, A-Train, Brass Knuckles, Cymbal Clash, and to a lesser extent Giant Step. These all do a lot of damage and combo off of Big Band's dash attack, allowing for quick high damage.
    • Megasonic can do very well against fighters that deal recoil damage such as Dread Locks or Painwheel with her Tainted blood MA. His built in healing allows him to deal high damage with little issue of damage dealt back.
    • Pairing with Rerun allows him to guarantee himself 15 seconds of healing, so while it is not often mandatory, it can be useful in fights where you may need it.
  • Playing against:
    • As long as you are not hitting his block, he is no more difficult than any other Big Band. Just do not attempt to kill him through block, as with a little block proficiency investment he can effectively ignore that damage.
    • Although his HP is on the lower end for a gold Big Band, he is still a Big Band, meaning he can be quite bulky and his built in healing will intensify this if you make a mistake. Fighters that can BLEED such as Bad Hair Day or HEAL BLOCK such as Wulfsbane can help make the fight easier if you are struggling with him.

Key Stats

  • Attack and Meter Gain will help him deal as much damage as possible
  • On offense other stats are largely unneeded, but Block Proficiency and Defense can make him hard to kill.


This palette is based on the "Sega Mega Drive" game console.

He was one of the five fighters added in version 2.7, also known as the Elemental Update.

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