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Mean One is a Fire, Gold Peacock variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds for every BUFF gained by the opponent.

Signature Ability 2
Projectiles have a 25/35/50% chance on HIT to convert 1 opponent BUFF into a random DEBUFF.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Mean One is an offensive fighter with a Signature Ability that takes advantage of the opponent's BUFFS for her own advantage and turning those BUFFS against them by converting them into random DEBUFFS. This allows Mean One to be a powerful counter to BUFF-heavy fighters like Heavy Metal, Meow & Furever and That's All Folks!.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when using Mean One is the matchup. Using her against fighters who primarily focus on inflicting DEBUFFS, such as Claw & Order or who have little to no way to BUFF themselves, such as Harlequin, will leave you with an average Peacock with no Signature Ability.
  • Marquee abilities that grants BUFFS, such as VOLATILITY and GRUDGE, are easily countered by Mean One. However, don't bank solely on those abilities, as they could be CHAOS or TAINTED BLOOD instead.
    • A Marquee'd Valentine on the team is usually a fair target for Mean One, as she can take advantage of the FINAL STAND from TRAUMA CENTER and the HEAVY REGEN from ICU.
  • Marquee Ability: SPECIAL FEATURE is the recommended Marquee Ability for Mean One as it provides the chance to reset the cooldown for her special moves which are mostly projectiles and reuse them almost immediately.
  • Stat Investment: Like any other offensive Peacocks, Mean One will benefit from investment in ATK, Piercing and Meter Gain to increase her damage output while charging blockbusters faster. Accuracy is also another good stat to invest in to increase the odds of activating Mean One's second Signature Ability. At max Accuracy (50%), Mean One will have a 75% chance to convert opponent's BUFFS into DEBUFFS.

Rift Battles

  • Mean One is a good match against Armor Rating, Reactive Armor nodes, Frost Armor, and some BUFF heavy Last Words nodes.


  • This variant is a reference to The Grinch from the children's story How the Grinch Stole Christmas! with its caption being a direct quote from the character in the film of the same name.