Ivy League is an Air, Silver Parasoul variant.


Signature Ability 1
SLOW opponent's BLOCKBUSTERS for 5/7/10 seconds when spawning a TEAR

Signature Ability 2
On TEAR DETONATION, inflicts WITHER for 5/7/10 seconds per active TEAR

Tips and Tricks


Ivy League, like her sister Silver No Egrets, is oriented around control. Where No Egrets takes a more blanket approach, stopping Special Moves, Tag Ins and Blockbusters for up to 6 seconds, Ivy League is much better at shutting down opposing Blockbusters in exchange for ONLY shutting down Blockbusters.


  • Ivy is very reliant on Tears to keep the opponent's meter low, so moves like Napalm Shot will allow her to keep a few tears on the field at a time. Napalm Trigger can be run for a quicker tear detonation, but since her charge attack detonates Tears anyway, it's just a matter of preference.

Key Stats:

  • Ivy is really more suited for an offensive team, and her Attack is good for a Silver, so running that is a good option. If using Napalm Shower for 3 quick stacks of Slow and Wither, running Meter Gain is a must to keep the Tears coming.


This variant is a reference to Poison Ivy from Batman series.