Inkling is a Dark, Silver Peacock variant.


Signature Ability 1
Inflict 15/20/25% bonus damage for each living teammate

Signature Ability 2
SPECIAL MOVES have a 15/20/25% chance to be UNBLOCKABLE while Peacock has living teammates

Tips and Tricks


Inkling works best as your first fighter in the match, as this allows her to reliably take advantage of her Signature without worrying about KO'd allies decreasing her damage. The chance of Specials being unblockable is very nice for tacking on damage and finding openings, especially when paired with Harlequin or Peashooter. Her value drops quite a bit when she's alone, as she loses every aspect of her Signature Ability.


Key Stats:

  • Attack is the main one to allow her as much damage as possible, after that, Meter Gain, HP, Crit/Crit Damage and defense are all viable depending on what you want to work on.