In Denile is a Water, Bronze Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ARMOR for 5/10/15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet.

Signature Ability 2
Remove all DEBUFFS and gain IMMUNITY for 5/10/15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • In Denile is a defensive fighter with a Signature Ability that grants her stacks of ARMOR and IMMUNITY when triggering Sekhmet. This allows her to be immune to any DEBUFFS while significantly increasing her overall defensive attributes.
    • Given the unpredictability of the AI in triggering Sekhmet, it is best to use In Denile offensively as a fighter that are immune to DEBUFFS and have easy access to ARMOR stacks.
  • Once In Denile has a few stacks of ARMOR, allowing the enemy to hit you to gain meter is acceptable as more meter is gained when getting hit. This allows you to use your blockbusters quicker with losing minimal health due to the stacks of ARMOR. Then, simply re-use your blockbusters to gain more ARMOR and rinse and repeat.
  • Marquee Ability: Either Marquee Ability will work well with In Denile. RITUAL SACRIFICE can be useful to quickly charge up blockbusters, allowing her to gain stacks of ARMOR and IMMUNITY faster. Meanwhile, BLOOD OATH can be useful as a safety-net when a mistake is made to get her back to full health.
    • With RITUAL SACRIFICE, one strategy can utilize a weaker teammate to go first and get KO'd which will provide In Denile full blockbuster meter on all her blockbusters upon TAG IN.
  • Stat Investment: When used offensively, In Denile will greatly benefit from investment in ATK to make up for her low ATK stat. Furthermore, Defense and Meter Gain are highly recommended to take minimal damage when ARMOR stacks are gained while charging blockbusters faster.


  • This variant's name is a play on the phrase "in denial" with the Nile River that played a crucial role in the development of Egyptian civilization.
  • This variant's caption is a reference to an internet meme originally uttered by the villain character Frieza in the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.


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