In Denile is a Water, Bronze Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ARMOR for 5/10/15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet

Signature Ability 2
"Remove all DEBUFFS and gain IMMUNE for 5/10/15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet"

Tips and Tricks


In Denile has the ability to get a stack of ARMOR for 15 seconds when activating a Sekhmet Blockbuster. In addition, it also removes any non-permanent DEBUFFS and applies IMMUNE for a maxiumum of 15 seconds. By maxing out the DEFENSE stat, two stacks of ARMOR will negate all damage taken during BBs. Because In Denile's ATK is less than stellar, her greatest enemy is the clock.


  • In Denile's survivability is dependent on her Blockbusters, so it is recommended to get MA2 and allow a weaker teammate to go first and get KO'd. On TAG IN, she will have a full meter on all BBs and have the upper hand from the get-go.
  • When you have two stacks of ARMOR and have ran out of ritual sacrifices, allowing the enemy to hit you to gain meter is acceptable. Getting hit gets you meter faster than hitting the enemy
  • SEKHMET'S FURY is a must-have, especially since you are trying to get as many hits as possible. It can be used to interrupt dash and combo into 40 to 50 hits if you use your entire loadout.

Key Stats

  • Like stated before, you want to get in as many hits as possible and almost always have your blockbusters up for quick stacks of ARMOR. Your stacks of ARMOR will be worthless without 50% Defense (35% from BBs, 20% from Skill Tree). The other priority is Meter Gain.
  • The lesser important stats you should try to get are HP% and ATK%. HP% will allow you to survive more hits if ARMOR BREAK is afflicted or if you only have one stack of ARMOR, while ATK% will just clean up In Denile's bad damage.

Strong Against

In Denile is mostly good against glass cannons (high attack, low HP) and fire element variants, including, but not limited to:

Weak Against

Due to her bad attack, In Denile is weak against air element variants and variants tankier (higher HP and/or defense) than her, such as: