Icy Hot is a Water, Bronze Valentine variant.


Signature Ability 1
All teammates TAG IN with REGEN for 10/12/15 seconds

Signature Ability 2
On TAG IN, all teammates gain 5/10/15% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS

Tips and Tricks


  • Since Icy Hot is used mostly as a support fighter, she can be useful to the team without ever being put out of reserve. She plays like any other Valentine variant when forced to fight.


  • Adding Icy Hot to your team allows your fighters to gain meter and REGEN by tagging in. Using tag-ins as often as possible maximizes the effect of her SA.
    • Upgrading Tag-in cooldowns in the Skill Tree also makes her SA more useful.
  • This is further enhanced in conjunction with Tag-in SAs like Rerun and Sketchy Peacock and Bassline Big Band.

Key Stats: