Hype Man is an Air, Silver Beowulf variant.

Hype Man is also available as a Prize Fight reward for getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the Silver Tier of the Rumble Pack Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
While in HYPE MODE, DRAIN the meter of all opponent BLOCKBUSTERS by 5/7/10% per landed HIT.

Signature Ability 2
When activating HYPE MODE, teammates in reserve gain 25/35/50% METER for all BLOCKBUSTERS.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Hype Man is an offensive fighter with a Signature Ability that revolves around meter gain. Draining opponent meter's gain allows him to control the opponent's blockbuster meter while increasing his own. Furthermore, he has a supportive role in providing blockbuster meter for teammates in the bench. However, these abilities are strictly limited to his Hype Mode.
    • Hence, it is recommended to equip WULF SHOOT and AROO READY? that can gain HYPE upon successful use.
  • Hype Man drains meter even from his blockbusters so equip blockbusters that can deal multiple hits such as LUPINE PUMMEL and GEATISH TREPAK. During HYPE MODE, these moves will easily refill blockbuster meter, allowing you to chain these two moves together repeatedly.
  • Marquee Ability: DEFENDING CHAMPION is the recommended Marquee Ability and will help keep Hype Man on the upper hand as he deals damage.
  • Stat Investment: As with any other offensive fighter, Hype Man will benefit from investment in ATK and Piercing for maximum damage output. Furthermore, Meter Gain can help Hype Man start his blockbuster game more easily.


  • This variant's color palette is a reference to Alex from the Street Fighter series, with a nod on how he appears in Street Fighter III.
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