Hype Man is an Air, Silver Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
While in HYPE MODE, DRAIN the meter of all opponent BLOCKBUSTERS by 5/7/10% per landed HIT

Signature Ability 2
When activating HYPE MODE, teammates in reserve gain 25/35/50% METER for all BLOCKBUSTERS

Tips and Tricks


  • Easy to bring into almost any fight and viable against all fighters when you have meter troubles.
  • Outside of controlling meter, Hype Man is underwhelming in every other field so he's best used as a tool for other fighters to benefit from.


  • Hype Man drains meter even from his command grab Blockbusters. Activate these Blockbusters while in HYPE MODE to drain the opponents meter, while also refreshing all of his own blockbusters. Using HYPE MODE, you can chain multiple command grab Blockbusters back to back!
  • Equipping both Lupine Pummel and Geatish Trepak will allow you to chain them together during HYPE MODE, up to 4 times if one of them is ready before activating.
  • Use HYPE MODE as a counter measure when an enemy is close or has a BB3 ready to go to get the most out of each use.

Key Stats:

  • METER GAIN so the train of BLOCKBUSTER can never end


This pallete is based on Alex from the Street Fighter series, with a nod to how he appears in Street Fighter III.