Heavy Reign is an Air, Bronze Parasoul variant.


Signature Ability 1
50% chance on CRITICAL HIT, gain 10/12/15% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS

Signature Ability 2
50% chance to gain 10/12/15% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS when suffering a CRITICAL HIT


Tips and Tricks


Heavy Reign is quite a simple fighter on paper, and you can benefit when using her simply by doing the normal things you'd do otherwise. Her Signature Ability can grant extremely valuable meter simply by comboing.


  • Heavy Reign benefits from long combos, as the more hits there are in a combo, the more chances she will have to land a Critical Hit and activate her Signature Ability.
  • Hits from Heavy Reign's Blockbusters do not activate her Signature Ability. Only regular hits and Special Moves do. With that in mind, try to save Blockbusters for when you can afford the risk; if you can get more damage in the future by charging your other, stronger Blockbusters, do not use any at that moment.
  • The most recommended moveset for Heavy Reign is INFERNO BRIGADE, MOTO BRIGADE, CANOPY BOUNCE, SILENT SCOPE, and NAPALM SHOT. NAPALM TRIGGER should be avoided, as Heavy Reign benefits from having tears on the field if her Marquee Ability is active.
  • The most heavily recommended Marquee Ability for a Heavy Reign is CRITICAL THINKING. Once her Skill Tree is fully upgraded along with her Marquee, she gets a 15% increase per tear to her already natural 20% Crit Rate.

Key Stats

  • Crit Rate is extremely important for Heavy Reign, as without decent Crit Rate, she cannot get meter very consistently or efficiently.
  • Defense and HP are important if Heavy Reign is played on a Defense Team, as her SA2 means that even by getting hit can she generate meter.
  • Meter Gain is not as important as Crit Rate or Defense, as she generates meter faster if you land Critical Hits, but can be good to have in case she is played against a That's All Folks!, one of her key counters.

Strong Against

Heavy Reign is good against characters that rely on UNFLINCHING, and tanky characters, such as:

Weak Against

Characters that can disable HR's Blockbusters, reduce Crit Rate, and inflict WITHER cripple her effectiveness. Examples are: