Harlequin is a Fire, Gold Cerebella variant. Harlequin is also available as a Prize Fight reward for getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the gold High Wire Hijinxs Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
SPECIAL MOVE damage is increased by 10/15/20% for all teammates

Signature Ability 2
COOLDOWN for SPECIAL MOVES is reduced by 25/30/35% for all teammates

Tips and Tricks


Harlequin has a fairly simple SA on a fairly simple character. While her SA is support focused, her incredible stats make her strong in her own right.


  • HQ is quite flexible in how she plays. With good spacing you can run 2-3 Merry-Go-Rillas and keep using them to lock down the opponent and reduce their blockbuster meter.
  • Battle Butt is useful to have to remove armor on difficult opponents.
  • Pummel Horse is very strong for combos, and if/when you unlock her Meter Reduction MA it becomes significantly stronger.
  • She can also use moves that capitalize on her high damage, such as Diamond Drop, Diamonds are Forever, and Excellebella.
  • Even if she is KO'd, her allies will still benefit from her SA, meaning she's never dead-weight on a team.

Key Stats

  • Attack is the best stat on her bar none. Her already impressive attack stat gets even better as you invest in it.
  • Meter Gain is also useful to give you Blockbusters faster, as is Defense and HP to help you survive attacks.

Strong Against

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Weak Against


This pallet is based on Harley Quinn from the Batman series.