Hack n' Splash is a Water, Gold Ms. Fortune variant.


Signature Ability 1
A well-timed BLOCK against standard attacks inflicts CRIPPLE and ARMOR BREAK for 10/12/15 seconds.

Signature Ability 2
Landing CRITICAL HITS with Ms. Fortune’s HEAD will remove 1 opponent DEBUFF, dealing an additional 2/3/5% of the opponent's MAX HEALTH for each DEBUFF removed.


Tips and Tricks


Hack n’ Splash's first SA is mildly complex, due to the timing of it being a bit tough. All you really need once the blocks get properly timed is a high Crit Rate and a high combo count.


  • Making the first move is not ideal, as SPLASH DAMAGE is a Signature Ability that revolves around counter-attacking.
  • Once your opponent has the two SA1 DEBUFFS, it is just luck in terms of landing a Crit with Ms. Fortune’s Head to consume those debuffs in order to deal additional % damage. However landing those Crits is even harder to do, because Head Hits are kind of rare; they do not land as often as other attacks.
  • This is why learning Transition Combos (a combo in which Ms. Fortune goes from having her head to not having her head) would be useful. These can naturally get your head out and fighting with less risk than just using Head Strike.
  • It should also be mentioned % Damage is very effective against opponents with a high HP stat.

Key Stats

  • Opting into Crit Rate is of course a must for this Variant as her second SA depends on it in order to deal additional damage.
  • Having more Crit Damage to go along with all the Crits you’ll be landing is a good idea as well, even if it isn’t your head landing the crits for bonus % damage, you’ll be landing a lot of crits from Ms. Fortune herself, dealing a bit more damage with these definitely wouldn’t hurt.
  • While Crit Damage does boost damage output, it isn’t as great as it could be without a high Attack stat. This is of course why focusing on Attack along with Crits is a good idea, it would bump Hack n’ Splash’s already quite good Attack way up.

Playing As


Playing Against