Grim Fan is a Light, Gold Painwheel variant.

Grim Fan can only be obtained exclusively from the Shining Relic.


Signature Ability 1
Once per match, gain UNFLINCHING and IMMUNITY for 15 seconds when dropping below 25/35/50% HEALTH.

Signature Ability 2
When Painwheel's UNFLINCHING expires, RESURRECT teammates with 20/25/30% HEALTH.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Grim Fan is a defensive fighter with a Signature Ability that grants her UNFLINCHING and IMMUNITY when dropping below a certain health threshold. After UNFLINCHING expires, Grim Fan is able to resurrect fallen teammates to stall for time. Although Grim Fan can obtain UNFLINCHING from her first Signature Ability, she can activate her second Signature Ability from any source of UNFLINCHING, including modifiers and catalysts.
  • Marquee Ability: Either Marquee Ability will work with Grim Fan. GRUDGE will allow her to survive longer when she is hit by a critical hit through the ARMOR stacks while TAINTED BLOOD will allow her to act similarly to Dread Locks and dealing more damage when she is hit.
  • Stat Investment: Like any other defensive variant, investment in HP and Defense are very important to increase her longevity in a fight. Furthermore, investment in Meter Gain are also recommended to quickly charge blockbuster to punish opponents with an unblockable Tier 3 blockbuster.

Rift Battles

  • The Painwheel-specific catalyst, Don't Poke the Buer, along with Last Words and Light Weight synergizes well with Grim Fan to stall for time. Having both UNFLINCHING and IMMUNITY from Light Weight and Grim Fan's own Signature Ability makes it difficult to properly counter her without fear of getting punished.
    • To counter this, use multi-hit fighters that can remove BUFFS such as Silent Kill and Bloodbath with CHAOS BANISH.


  • This variant is based off a Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, a day where the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with their loved ones.
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