G.I. Jazz is an Air, Gold Big Band variant. This variant is better used on defense; defending your Prize Fights team from others.


Signature Ability 1
Once per match, gain 3/4/5 stacks of REGEN for 10 seconds when falling below 25% HEALTH

Signature Ability 2
Also gain 1/2/3 stack(s) of ARMOR

Tips and Tricks


There is no complexity to playing Jazz, as his Signature Ability works more as a safety net.


In general, you are going to want to do with Jazz what you do with any Big Band: Take advantage of Can't Stop the Beat, get strong combos off with his Blockbusters and Cymbal Clash, and watch out for DEBUFFS.

Key Stats

  • Defense is key, as at 25% he will take no damage from being hit once his armor kicks in. However, 50% is better as it lets him take more hits overall throughout the fight, improving the value from his Regen
  • Hp is the next best stat, once again to take advantage of his regeneration
  • BLEED RESIST and Armor Break are also fantastic for letting him tank even longer.

Playing As

  • His signature ability will only trigger once per battle, so when it does trigger, try to stay in to get your REGEN for his HP.

Playing Against

  • You can use an outtake on G.I. JAZZ (as long as he is not the last character) when his SA activates to negate all of the healing that would normally be done. Outtakes remove all BUFFS and DEBUFFS on the character they are used on.
  • Eliza's SM - CHAOS BANISH has a guaranteed chance to remove all BUFFS on the opponent, and apply HEAL BLOCK. You can use this just before, or after his SA activates to negate most of it.
  • Filia's Blockbuster Drill Tempered and Parasoul's Blockbuster Canopy Bounce also have a chance to clear buffs, but neither of these will inflict HEAL BLOCK.
  • Once the armor and REGEN kick in, BLEED and HEAL BLOCK will both effectively negate his regeneration bonus, so save moves that inflict these for then until it kicks in.


This palette is based on "MA-08 Big Zam" from the Gundam series.

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