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Frayed Ends is a Fire, Bronze Filia variant.


Signature Ability 1
20% chance when HIT to inflict BLEED for 3/5/7 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Inflict 25/35/50% bonus damage against an enemy with BLEED

Tips and Tricks


Frayed Ends is rather like Bad Hair Day, though tricker to use as she requires getting hit to stack bleeds before going on the offensive to make best use of her First Cut Marquee to make the Bleed stacks permanent. The bonus damage on Bleeding enemies means that she gets an offensive edge after a Bleed stack is applied, though stacking permanent Bleeds should be your primary focus.


Taking an opponent's combo can stack bleeds relatively quickly, especially if paired against a combo-heavy fighter such as Squigly. When the opponent finishes their combo, it becomes your job to hit the opponent as many times as possible while your bleed stacks last, because the more times you hit the opponent, the greater the chance to activate your First Cut marquee, making the opponent's Bleed stacks permanent

Key Stats

Because Frayed Ends is frail as fighters go and requires getting hit to activate her first Signature, investing in Health and Defense is highly recommended. After that, Attack is ok to tack on damage, but resistances can further increase her usefulness.

Strong Against

Opponents with access to longer combos have more likelihood to activate 'Cut It Out'. Opponents that can't hit her incredibly hard, such as Armed Forces or Resonant Evil also have a disadvantage against Frayed Ends.

Weak Against

As with most Bleed-reliant characters, Bloodbath and any Valentine with the ICU ability fare incredibly well against Frayed Ends, as the bleed is immediately replaced with a Regen or Heavy Regen, and merely hitting Frayed Ends can lead to the opponent regaining health very easily. To a lesser extent, Blood Drive and Scarlet Viper, as well as other fighters that gain buffs when afflicted with debuffs can take advantage of 'Cut It Out' as well. In addition, as a frailer fighter, hard-hitting Water-Attribute fighters like Brain Freeze, or any opponent with ready access to Hex can also counter Frayed Ends.