Frayed Ends is a Fire, Bronze Filia variant.


Signature Ability 1
20% chance when HIT to inflict BLEED for 3/5/7 seconds.

Signature Ability 2
Inflict 25/35/50% bonus damage against an enemy with BLEED,

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Frayed Ends is a fighter with a Signature Ability that revolves around BLEED effects, similar to Bad Hair Day. However, she requires getting hit to inflict BLEED instead, making it more difficult to constantly apply BLEED without losing some health.
    • Although her first Signature Ability may hint on her role as a defensive variant, Frayed Ends has poor base stats and can be defeated with relative ease. Hence, it is best to use her for offense, although Bad Hair Day is a much better alternative.
  • When facing Frayed Ends, simply use fighters that can gain IMMUNITY from TAUNTS such as Squigly, Peacock, and Parasoul to completely nullify her abilities. Using low hit-count characters such as Cerebella, Painwheel, and Beowulf are also recommended to reduce the chances of her ability from activating.
  • Equip moves such as FRENCH TWIST, RINGLET SPIKE and GREGOR SAMSON which have a chance to inflict BLEED to wear down the opponent. THE FIRST CUT is the recommended Marquee Ability for her as it allows her to convert those BLEEDS into permanent BLEEDS.
  • However, it is important to watch out for fighters that are IMMUNE to BLEED such as Bloodbath and Valentine with the ICU Marquee Ability as they will convert those BLEEDS into REGEN which nullifies Filia's BLEEDS.
  • Marquee Ability: THE FIRST CUT is recommended for Frayed Ends to turn BLEEDS into permanent BLEEDS which will ensure that she can gain bonus damage from her second Signature Ability at all times.
  • Stat Investment: Similar to Bad Hair Day, Frayed Ends has poor base stats and relies completely on BLEEDS to do any damage. Thus, survivability is key and investing in HP, Defense and Block Proficiency can help her last longer in fights. Meter Gain is especially useful to charge multi-hit blockbusters faster to increase BLEED chance.


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