Filia’s game is speed, speed, speed. She is most akin to a “rogue” or “fragile speedster” type. Her attacks are fast, smooth, and difficult to punish. She is a great character for players who want to out-maneuver their opponents.

Although Filia’s base stats are unspectacular, she more than makes up for it with her speed and maneuverability. Filia Fighters have the ability to inflict a lot of BLEED effects to deal massive amounts of damage and a number of disabling effects, which help to exploit an enemy’s vulnerability. Also, an assortment of multi-hit moves help her to land these effects with greater chance. Hence, smart Filia players can expect to deal plenty of damage and use her speed to avoid punishment, despite her average base Attack values.

Character Background

Filia was the daughter of Amelia and Marcus Medici and was once an average schoolgirl. Her best friend was Carol who one day brought back a dog which was the host of the living parasite, Samson, for Filia to take care of. When Carol was abducted six months later, Filia was devastated and felt guilty for not being able to do anything to save her.

One day, the Skullgirl Marie suddenly burst into their home, seeking revenge on the Medici Mafia. Filia pleaded with her and stated that her family aren't like the rest of the Medici family and that they have had no contact with them in a long time. While Marie originally did not believe her, upon recognizing Samson, she decided to spare their lives but only if they leave the city.

Later that night, Filia and her parents are packing up and getting ready to leave when suddenly Vitale and Ottomo arrive after the rest of the Medici Mafia were attacked. Seeing them packing, Vitale, enraged, questions why only Marcus' family, who had left the rest of the Medici family for a "trivial" matter, was the only one spared. He then kills both Marcus and Amelia and tells Ottomo to find Filia. Hearing the gunshots, Filia goes downstairs and calls Samson for help after seeing her parents dead. However, Samson arrives too late as Filia is shot and a battle ensues.

After Ottomo defeats Samson, he and Vitale leave to report back to Lorenzo. Samson, realizing that his dog host has been killed in the fight, mourns and blames himself for not protecting him. After realizing that Filia was still alive but dying, Samson changes hosts to her, saving her life. Once Filia wakes up, Samson tells her that he had no other choice if he was to save her. However, Filia awoke with amnesia and did not remember anything, shocking Samson.


Character Ability

Back-dashing just before being HIT will allow Filia to EVADE the opponent's attack, avoiding all damage

Marquee Ability: BLOODLETTING

5/15% of the DAMAGE Filia inflicts is regained as HEALTH
Every HIT has an 5/15% chance to convert a BLEED effect to a permanent BLEED


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Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
Frayed Ends
Frayed Ends


Bad Ms Frosty
Bad Ms Frosty
Hair Apparent
Hair Apparent
Rock Star
Rock Star


Parasite Weave
Parasite Weave
Dread Locks
Dread Locks
Idol Threat
Idol Threat


Class Cutter
Class Cutter
Filia Djinn Frizz Card D
Djinn Frizz

Special Moves

Icon Name Description
Born With It
BORN WITH IT TAUNT your opponent to gain ENRAGE for 15 seconds
Filia Burst
BURST On HIT, inflict BLEED for 10 seconds
DRILLATIONSHIP Has a 100% increased chance to land a CRITICAL HIT
French Twist
FRENCH TWIST 50% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 5 seconds
HAIRBALL No effect
Lash Out
LASH OUT Forces enemy to TAG OUT on HIT, removing all COMBAT EFFECTS
Ringlet Spike
RINGLET SPIKE On HIT, inflict BLEED for 12 seconds


Icon Name Gear Points Description
Gregor Samson
Level 1 Blockbuster
20% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 5 seconds
Drill Tempered
Level 1 Blockbuster
15% chance on HIT to remove all BUFFS
Widows Peak
Level 2 Blockbuster
100% chance on HIT to inflict CRIPPLE and ARMOR BREAK 10 seconds
Level 2 Blockbuster
35% bonus damage if opponent is in the air
Fenrir Drive
Level 3 Blockbuster (UNBLOCKABLE)
50% bonus damage if opponent has a BLEED effect
Level 3 Blockbuster (UNBLOCKABLE)
Reduces opponent's BLOCKBUSTER METER by 50%



  • G5 means a chain of 5 normal ground attacks. (Usually by tapping 5 times on the screen)
  • Up or Launcher means the normal move that sends your opponent in the air (usually by swiping up)
  • A5 means a chain of 5 normal air attacks. (usually by tapping once after having launched your opponent)
  • Dash means a dash attack (swipe right)
  • Trip means a trip attack (swipe down once)
  • Charge is a charged attack (press and hold for 2 s then release)
  • Grab means Grab (swipe with 2 fingers)

Standard Combos

  • G5 > Up > A5 > Hairball
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Drill Tempered
  • G5 > Up > A5 > Gregor Samson
  • G5 > French Twist > Drill Tempered

Situational Combos

  • (Right corner) G5 > Launcher > Burst > Drill Tempered
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