Feline Lucky is a Light, Silver Ms. Fortune variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain 1/2/3 PRECISION buff every 7 seconds.

Signature Ability 2
2% chance on CRITICAL HIT to gain IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE, FINAL STAND, and UNFLINCHING for 15/20/25 seconds.

Tips and Tricks


Feline Lucky is slightly simpler than other Ms. Fortune variants due to not relying on Head Attacks so much, meaning it's not as important to learn her Headless Mode. Precision every seven seconds means you can land some more crits, which you'll be using primarily to activate her second Signature. Her second signature is a massive gamble, but it really has to be. Invincibility, Unflinching, Immune and Final Stand means that there's very little your opponent can do besides hold block. They can't damage you, put you into hitstun in an attempt to stall out your buffs, or stack any form of debuffs. Even Doom won't kill you, as Final Stand trumps Doom, leaving you with 1 HP.


  • Do ya feel lucky? Activating your second Signature is tough, but teaming up with a Sheltered Parasoul can boost your chances. Upon getting your buffs, there's nothing the opponent can do, so idling for a few seconds or potentially Taunting can bait the AI into attacking you, at which point you can retaliate with a combo of your own.

Key Stats:

  • Crit Rate is the big one to max out on. 2% chance upon a Critical Hit obviously means you activate her Signature 2 more the more criticals you land. From there it depends on how much her crit rate is and how lucky you feel. Once you do land a critical, you have 25 seconds where defense doesn't matter, so if you're feeling confident you can load up on Attack and Crit Damage. If you feel like playing a little safer, replacing Attack or Crit Damage with HP investment can help Feline not die while you wait for her Signature to activate.