Dragon Brawler is a Fire, Gold Beowulf variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain 3/4/5 stacks of PRECISION when activating HYPE, and gain 100% increased CRIT DAMAGE while in HYPE MODE.

Signature Ability 2
Gain 25/35/50% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS when defeating an opponent with a BLOCKBUSTER

Tips and Tricks


Dragon Brawler is a very odd fighter, as Beowulf's grabs (Except Geatish Trepak and first hit of Airwulf Blockbuster) don't do critical hits at all yet it makes Special moves and Blockbusters like Hurting Hurdle/Wulf Blitzer and Gigantic Arm/Three Wulf Moonsault even deadlier! His Special Ability depends on his Hype Mode, once he hits the Hype Mode he'll inflict Critical Hits more frequently and also increases Critical Damage to make Hurting Hurdle and Blitzer deal incredible amount of damage, his second SA is similar to Robocopy's second SA but requires to finish an enemy off with a blockbuster which makes it somewhat difficult to achieve it, nonetheless Dragon Brawler may not be as powerful as Cold Stones and Wulfsbane but he's get more than enough to make him a very good fighter that benefits much more from Critical stats and unleashing Moonsaults as many times as possible.


  • Try to reach to Hype Mode as soon as possible to dish out so much damage against your enemies then finish them off with a blockbuster to get your Moonsault ready to use when you reach to Hype Mode again.
  • Remember that the only blockbusters which benefits from his Hype Mode are Geatish Trepak/Gigantic Arm/First hit of Airwulf/Three Wulf Moonsault
  • Remember to not to use Hype Mode against anti critical fighters like Tainted Blood MA Painwheels (Reflect Critical Damage done on her to the player) and Dreadlock (You'll be afflicted with Heavy Bleed from her) and That's All Folks (Lowers his Critical Rate this rendering his Hype Mode useless).

Key Stats:

  • Critical Rate and Damage are his best friends, upgrade them to maximize his potential.
  • ATK% helps him even more with Critical Damage boost.
  • Meter Gain to use blockbusters more frequently and reaching higher tiers of blockbusters.
  • Defense% and HP% will improve his survivability.


This pallet is based on Yamcha from the Dragon Ball franchise.